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Author Topic: Websites 5-10 GD/PP  (Read 575 times)

Offline Illude

Websites 5-10 GD/PP
«: June 14, 2012, 02:13:29 PM»

Ragtime -- 5GD -- Layout Only
Wince -- 5 GD -- Filled Out
Mesoke -- 8 GD - Filled Out

I will always take Paypal, Spaces, and GD. Other things like digos, art, and alts must be discussed. With digos, art, and alts, I reserve the right to decline all offers, along with assigning a price that I feel is reasonable to them (Ex. If I say an alt is worth 5GD, and you want an 8GD site, you will need to provide something else along with it.)

I am almost always willing to negotiate, and before I accept the commission, I will give you an estimate within a couple dollars/GD of the price, depending on what you want. Because of this, you must have the payment ready before commissioning me. The price will end up being higher if I constantly have to go back and fix things we agreed on being acceptable beforehand.

I do not need the payment until the commission is done, but I will not send you the code or allow you to see the layout on the test site until I receive it. Before the payment is sent, I will however allow you to see me interact with the website via join.me and send you images of it. If you would like, you can watch me code the entire site.

A basic layout, 1 page will be 5GD, and will never exceed 10GD. If you would like me to fill out your website, it is an extra 1GD per page.

A complicated layout, with things such as iframes will start at about 8GD, and may go past 10GD, depending on what you want, but this is unlikely.

If you want images on your site, you must include them. It is preferred that the background of the image be transparent, and if it is not, and the background is a flat-color, there is no guarantee that it will look right. I can make things transparent for you, but this will cost extra.

I may refuse to make a website at any point, or I may drop commissions if something comes up. If this occurs, and you have prepaid for your website, I will refund you all of your money.

Also, you must have a web host that I will be able to upload the website to(or I can email you the layout and you can upload it and fill it out yourself, if you so desire). I won't make accounts for you.

Commission Status - Open
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Contact Information
Feel free to whisper me at either Illude or Vriska, or send me a message. Beware, if you send me a message here, I may have trouble replying. I seem to have trouble sending messages for some reason.

When contacting me about a commission, please be very clear about what you want so that I can give you an accurate price range. Along with that, feel free to ask me any questions that might be on your mind about the website. I can do many things with coding very easily, and if you have an idea in your head that you think may look nice, ask me about it! It's very unlikely that it'll cost too much.