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Author Topic: / Doing Free Linart  (Read 632 times)

Offline Naima

/ Doing Free Linart
«: June 14, 2012, 09:49:56 PM»
                          Hey guys! I'm doing free linart!

I will do the following:
Free Port Linart
        Anything else you can think of!

           NOTE: Make sure the linart is free on the website you are getting it from, and it is downloadable so I do not have to use photoshop. I do NOT do photoshop!

I have the following coloring uses:

Paintool SAI



Please tell me which one you would like to use with contacting me!
If you are not sure what lineart just tell me which type, and I myself will try
to find some for you. if not, just give me the link.

Contact Method:
Whisper Maddisyn or Sullen Rose on furcadia!


Offline Tesla

Re: / Doing Free Linart
«Reply #1: June 14, 2012, 11:31:36 PM»
I'm really confused about whether you're looking for line art or doing it or what. The forum is Seeking, your title is Doing, and it didn't get any clearer from there.