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Author Topic: Port artist who can draw feral wolves, and who accepts portspaces!  (Read 814 times)

Offline io

I have one alt that I want to port at the moment, and I will probably have several more in the near future.

I can pay in portrait spaces. If you don't accept portrait spaces, I can possibly offer life batwings (however I would ask for several portraits in exchange for these).

Please post examples and prices here, and I will PM you if I am interested. :)
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Offline Surplus

Hey there! You know me!
I accept 1 portspace for every port I make. If you're interested just PM me :)

Offline Rastafarian

Hi ! I can do two portraits for you for one portspace. I do anthros and ferals c: Here is more information: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=17134.0

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Offline julia

examples, newest ---- oldest

one space per port (:
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Offline io

thank you so much for the offers guys. i might pm a couple more of you in the near future but i still would like to see some more examples from more artists before making decisions, so keep them coming. c:

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Offline io

may pm some of you very soon~ :3

Offline Annika