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Author Topic: KillurKreationz Commission Sale: Needs Examples. 0.50$ - 5.00$  (Read 444 times)

Offline Goober

I have started my Craft and Commissioning company KillurKreationz, and I am in need of examples for my site so I can start getting sales. Im doing one space for each of these works and I accept Paypal (prefered), GD, Spaces, and Digos. (Digo must be equal to the amount of the GD price)

Also if you would like me to send you any traditional works then I can send them in the mail for only a small shipping fee. (about the cost of a stamp.)

Items being sold:
Portrait Art- 2$-3GD:
Traditional/Sketch- .50$-1GD:
Traditional/Lineart- .75$-1GD:
Traditional/Base Colored- 1$-2GD:
Traditional/Simple Shaded- 1.25$-2GD:
Traditional/Fully Shaded- 1.50$-2GD:
Traditional/FS With BG- 2$-3GD:
Traditional/Painting- 3$-4GD:

Requires Shipping:
Traditional/Stickers-1$-4$ or 2GD-5GD:

All references are prefered in a JPG format. If PNG it may take time. Any other format is okay.

This will go on till all the spaces are filled.

Contact me-
@ [email protected]
or @ http://KILLURKREATIONZ.webs.com/