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Author Topic: LF artist to draw a ref with only a description and protrait to go on  (Read 405 times)

Offline nekoJadey

As the subject suggests, I'm looking for an artist whom is willing to do a reference picture of an undeveloped character of mine.

No set budget, just looking for someone creative whom doesn't mind working from a written description.

the character is a young, feline male. Please PM me or email me at [email protected] if you're interested.


P.S. Here's the description if you want a look.
Small and cute, he was dressed in not a whole lot. No shirt, which showed off his soft and fluffy dark fur. His hair was scruffy and cute like a rascal and it occasionally got in his face. His eyes were big and mischievious, green like his hair. No shoes, only a few white bandages. He wore insanely baggy grass green harem pants that were too big for him by far, the bottoms dragged accross the floor when he walked and mostly hid his feet, aside from the toes popping out. Around his neck was a soft, woolen scarf that was also green. Lastly around his wrists were leather bracers of black that went up his arm, stopping a little before his elbows.