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Author Topic: Looking for a feral port artist :D  (Read 306 times)

Offline Spec

Looking for a feral port artist :D
«: July 09, 2012, 08:20:21 AM»
Well. Hello there!
My prefrance is Non-Remap
I'm looking for an artist that excels in the feral art-ery, (:
Looking to Pay no more then 5$ Paypal, However, I'll pay you 15$ if its a port and image.
-- I'm also, in trade, offering an lifer Ottifet for art too. ( if you are interested ) So. Then. Maybe more then those two images.

( i know this a port thread, but. If i like your port's enough, i might just like your straight art too. :D )

Please Whisper: Spec or Valon in game

Or PM me here. ( in game is much faster )
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