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Author Topic: 10$ Iron Artist Commissions - Paypal Only: Open!  (Read 364 times)

Offline Piyo

10$ Iron Artist Commissions - Paypal Only: Open!
«: July 22, 2012, 03:27:06 PM»
Paypal is the only Payment Option.

To put it simply, I'm doing 10$ Iron Artist commissions. Colors, species and what not don't matter as long as there is a good reference image or character sheet.

To contact me, just shoot me a message here or reply here, on FurAffinity or whisper Piyo on Furcadia.


10$ for One.
Double the price for Couples.

I will ask for you to send the money first. If you have an issue with sending it all at once, feel free to send half of it at the start and the second half once it's done. Once I finish the rough sketch, I will send you it to check it out, then do the lines and flat colors and see if you like that, if you do I'll add the finishing touches and send you the finished file.
My time ranges from about a Couple hours to 1~2 days depending on my Real Life schedule.

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