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Author Topic: SEEKING: Plushie/Doll artist! Cat Plushie/Doll NEEDED!  (Read 780 times)

Offline Zydrate

I'm seeking an artist who specializes in plushie or doll making to make a replica of my cat who passed away recently.

I'm prefer it look realistic, nearly close to the real thing and life-sized. About 15 inches long.  And decently priced (Around $50 to maybe $90; not 100 or more than that).

References are real pictures of my at who died on the 5th of July, 2012.






She was a beautiful Tortoiseshell Calico with lime green eyes as seen from her photos.

If anyone can help in any way. Please comment or contact me in-game as Zydrate. Thank you! 


Offline gaga

Re: SEEKING: Plushie/Doll artist! Cat Plushie/Doll NEEDED!
«Reply #1: July 25, 2012, 05:22:30 PM»
This is not the correct forum for this.
This forum is for locating sources on art people own.

I'll be moving this to the correct forum.

Offline r i l e y

Re: SEEKING: Plushie/Doll artist! Cat Plushie/Doll NEEDED!
«Reply #2: July 26, 2012, 01:26:26 AM»
As a friendly suggestion and a person very familiar with the plushing process and other plush artists-- It might be best to scale the size down slightly since a generalized rule of thumb for many artists i've seen is ten dollars per inch, so 15in. would be approximately $150 (give or take!), not including the process of airbrushing details since a tortoiseshell print may be more difficult to find. You may also want to ask around on what quality of fur you'd like used since that also varies by price as well since some can shed just as easily as a real animal too!

Hopefully this information helps you find someone willing to do the work with reasonable accomodation; Your kitter was absolutely gorgeous, and if I had more hands-on experience and personal examples I would gladly do her up for you. ;+;

Offline keiroko

Re: SEEKING: Plushie/Doll artist! Cat Plushie/Doll NEEDED!
«Reply #3: August 11, 2012, 01:24:44 PM»
I sent you a whisper in game, but in case the offline didn't send. I could do this plushie around 85-90$ depending on where I am shipping it might be closer to 80. Contact me in game if interested.
**I am always open for commission just contact me** **In my forum posts that is not saying paypal is more..it is saying ..for example 1$-3$ GD or Paypal and I typed it oddly.. Forgive any miscommunications**