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Author Topic: Budgeted Character art & Design -- Monsters, aliens, anthros and more.  (Read 1520 times)

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I have a hefty monetary goal, so commissions it is. I am primarily a monster, alien, demon etc artist but will also do furries. I will work with your budget so you can give me a number and I can tell you what I can do for you.

By commissioning me, you agree to these terms.

◥ Payment is only accepted after the initial sketch has been approved. I will not accept payment neither before nor after the commission has been completed.

◥ Refunds will only be issued if I cancel the commission or you cancel before reasonable headway has been made. That means if you are cancelling a full-body coloured commission and I've already sunk in a few hours of colouring, a refund will not be issued. You may keep what has been completed, however. I do not issue refunds based on satisfaction as I provide plenty of WIPs during the process which gives you ample opportunity to request changes.

◥ I will make edits on request throughout the process, but the scale of the edits will change according to the stage of completion. To elaborate, that means I will likely not do major edits (redrawing anything, complete recolours) in advanced stages, but I will make adjustments. Major edits are reserved to the sketch stage. I will charge for excessive edits.

◥ I reserve the right to adjust my prices at any time.

◥ You may not resell the artwork, but you may give it away. In instances of selling alts/old and unused designs, selling the artwork as a design bundle is permissible. I'm more concerned over people making a profit purely from my work.

◥ You may repost the artwork for display so long as a link back to the thread, my deviantArt, or Fur Affinity

◥ Payments that are withdrawn will probably result in the artwork being resold as is. Don't want me selling your character? Don't be a dingleberry and withdraw payment!

◥ Character concepts are sold as-is. They are sold at a discount as they are not polished works and I don't do edits on them. You cannot edit my artwork, but I don't care if you alter the design.

◥ Under no circumstances may you alter my artwork. The only two exceptions to this is cropping the image or erasing the background. In fact, you can even request a transparent background.

◥ I work quite a bit. On days that I work, chances are I will not work on your commission. I'm just too pooped to do it, but ask anyone that has commissioned me and they will tell you I do keep in touch and I do try my best to be timely about it.

◥ I ask that you are reasonably easy to get a hold of. Via email, dA, FA, RPR, whatever, because when I'm working I like to send WIPs. Waiting days for replies really sucks.

◥ I do charge extra for scale, fur, and feather details or any other intricate time consuming things.

SOULS -- nah, just USD via PayPal.

Monsters! Beasties! Demons! Anything like that. Sorry, I'm not very interested in humans unless they have some kind of bestial or eldritch quality. Anthropomorphs will be considered if their design strikes my fancy.

These are approximate. Prices are subject to change based on subject matter.






Do you take art/Furcadia items/alts/etc?
No. I presently would only accept art from very specific people that I am planning to commission anyway. Strictly USD via PayPal.

Can I pay you in installments?
Yes! I will complete the artwork according to how much you had paid me thus far. If you can only spend $20 at a time, then I will complete $20 worth of work with each payment. The only catch is I do not grandfather previous commissioners under old prices. That means if I charge $20 for adding colour today but you only commission me for lines, and 6 months later I start charging $30 for colour, you will have to pay the new price for the additional work.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes. I will still display the artwork but will not mention the commissioner if they ask.

I don't like the finished product. What can you do for me?
As mentioned above, I send multiple WIPs while working so you have plenty of opportunity to request changes. If I'm done or almost done and that's when you choose to speak up you're too late. I only provide refunds if I cancel or if you cancel before much headway past the sketch has been made.

Do you do couple pieces?
Not... really. I don't normally draw it and people never commission me for it so I really can't guarantee I can draw two characters interacting without it looking awkward. I also don't offer discounts for couple pieces so it would cost twice the average price.

Aside from FAZ, are there any other ways to discuss a commission?
Yep! We can use Fur Affinity (creepmachine), deviantArt (creep-machine), RPR (creepmachine) or email. I do not give out my Skype. You can find my online galleries in the TOS (which you should have read if you're this far) but you'll have to PM me for my email.
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Open queue again.
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Re: ($5-$18) Headshots/busts -- Sketches//Line art//Colour (OPEN)
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A lot open.
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Re: Character art & Mash Ups -- Sketches//Line art//Colour
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Baloop. Is it against the rules to practice necromancy on my own threads?
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Nope! Just keep the necrophilia out. ;D

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Re: Budgeted Character art & Design
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