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Author Topic: Looking for CHEAP feral port artist.  (Read 505 times)

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Looking for CHEAP feral port artist.
«: July 26, 2012, 06:08:35 PM»
I have about a thousand of designs that need ports to go with. So I am looking for a feral port artist that will either do one port for the four gd shaded or doesn't mind making two shaded or unshaded portraits for them.

To be honest, you can even pick out which design you want to make. I really don't care.
I will create a palette of their actual digital colors if they were made on paper.

His underbelly, under his muzzle area, and his paws are suppose to be a lighter color. He does have his back legs, I just didn't want to draw them into the picture. They are the same as the front with the coloring.

Everything is correct in these pictures except for the fact in the second picture her eyes are not colored in. x.x; My bad.

Lol, He's a pimp clearly. His back paws colorings are like his front paws. On the left side of his face he has a cut that goes down his muzzle while the right side goes across his cheek.

The two on the right of the second picture are them. I made some changes in their design though. The purple-green-black wolf is more lanky than the other, always look tired and has a curly akita tail. His head fluff is a little bit bigger but doesn't go to his eyes. The pink-black-white one is very muscley and her hair slicks back in almost a 'Bloodspill' way.

He has the whip-like tail like in the first one. Not like the tail in the second one.
Everything other than that is right in the picture.

Whisper me on Belove or PM me a link or examples you can show me if you don't mind doing it! (: <3
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Re: Looking for CHEAP feral port artist.
«Reply #1: August 05, 2012, 10:32:22 AM»
Bump! Edited the search. ;o; Really hope I get offers this time though..

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