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Author Topic: Character Descriptions - Satisfaction Guaranteed!  (Read 650 times)

Offline Epidome

Character Descriptions - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
«: July 30, 2012, 06:58:35 PM»
All Descriptions are 1 GD, and Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

So cheap, you all must be suspicious, eh? Well never fear! I'm in this for the practice, not the gold. If I were, I would charge more like the normal people out there. I have had many commissions in the past, and all of my clients have been more than happy with the work.

Why Are all of My Past Commissioners so Happy?

That's easy! They are happy, because I work with each one individually, taking as long as it takes, and drafting as many times as necessary until they are completely satisfied.  After all, your character is your baby, your creation. My job is to make everyone see and experience your character just as you do.  First impressions are oh-so important, you know?

Example Pieces: Here!

Sound Good to You?

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Offline Epidome

Re: Character Descriptions - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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