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Author Topic: DESIGNS -- iphito: feral liger design w/port  (Read 694 times)

Offline Anestia

DESIGNS -- iphito: feral liger design w/port
«: August 02, 2012, 12:43:35 PM»
selling the design to a sentimental character: iphito.

iphito desc = feral pseudo-melanistic liger raised by an apeshit amazonian ayahuasca cultist -- 4 years, 900ish lbs -- active fighter, loyalty open but extremely selective
port x 1:

i want $50 for this guy. i'm willing to throw in a full-body character concept art like sauvage's down there (yes, i can draw ferals) for an additional $30. so $80 for the port, alt/design, and a full colored image.


Sauvage sold 08/02/2012.
iphito is still available.

PM me here or note me on aitsena.deviantart.com if interested! or get ahold of Yngvi in-game about it. thanks!
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