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Author Topic: FERAL wolf contest! Win 40GDs! -- CANCELED  (Read 729 times)

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FERAL wolf contest! Win 40GDs! -- CANCELED
«: August 08, 2012, 12:20:41 AM»
Hello, everyone! I'm in dire need of some new artwork for my characters - recently I got my hands on some extra money (Since I've been broke as eff) and I decided that it will be best going towards an art contest. Anyways, without further ado, I'll explain myself in full.


Unfortunately I am only offering a prize to the first place winner. Sorry, if I had more money I would certainly have a second and third prize, as some of you guys really put forth a good effort with your artwork. Art isn't easy, if it were, I'd be drawing myself instead of having a contest...haha.

What you could win!

FOURTY (40) Gold Dragon scales!

What I'm looking for:

FERAL artwork only! PORTS(non remap) or FULL BODY PHOTOS/REFERENCES (Preferably digital)

Of course there are rules! Eh, though not difficult ones, hm?

~ You can enter as many pieces as you like
~ You can draw any/all of the characters I have listed below, it is fully your choice! Have fun with it
~ No colored line-art, please. If I find you have done this I WILL disqualify you
~ Please double-check at the top of the thread what I'm looking for in this contest
~ There is ONE winner; however, if you do not win you CAN NOT resell the artwork - it is my OC, and I really wouldn't appreciate it, okay? You are NOT allowed to resell even if the piece is altered. It will belong to me after it is entered. Thank you!
~ If you want to collab with someone thats cool, just have it all figured out who I'll be giving the GD to and you can split it from there or whatever
~ You can draw them in whatever pose you want, obviously. Perhaps look towards their characteristics/personalities for ideas
~ I have every right to cancel this contest at any time if I feel not enough people entered for it to be worth my while or what have you. ONLY in this case may you resell the artwork IF ALTERED - since it wouldn't be fair to you. I'd never cheat anyone.

How to enter/final info

~ To enter, please post either on this thread or whisper Kaw in game (I am always on her if I am on. Always.)
~ When your piece(s) is/are finished, either PM me the link or whisper me it!
~ If you have ANY questions at all, PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me!

Onto the subjects!

As of now, Soothsayer only has a temporary reference, see here for her colors/markings: http://i50.tinypic.com/29azf9h.png [She has the red box around her]
-- Soothsayer is your average wolf. She is lithe & rather small, standing at 2'1 & 105lbs. She is built for speed rather than for fighting.
-- She is highly intelligent, often more of a listener rather than a speaker. She is just, dogmatic, and fit to be a good leader in the future someday, perhaps.

Please visit http://sowerofsin.webs.com/ for all her information & to view some of her art. This includes her personality & such.
-- Kaw is my main, thus, brownie points for drawing her. She tends to be on the difficult side because of the mask [She must be drawn with it] So it is understandable if she is an avoided character.

-- Venom is a Mackenzie Valley Wolf. She is average size, though on the leaner side, with some muscle definition showing.
-- She is conniving, untrustworthy, and generally snarky. She tends to be violent, though not near as much as Kaw.

Please visit http://chesapeakee.webs.com for everything you'll need to know! Her markings are slightly difficult, mind you. However, if you click the small photo of her at the bottom of the web page it will resize it for you and make it MUCH easier to see.


Please have all your entries in by no later than August 20th! I will judge & announce the winner via here BEFORE the 23rd as I move-into school and will be insanely busy. Myself and a close friend will be judging.

GOOD LUCK! & Thanks for taking the time to read this jumbled mess!


- none yet!
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Re: FERAL wolf contest! Win 40GDs!
«Reply #1: August 09, 2012, 06:51:46 AM»
Kaw is a sexy beast!
I will join ♥
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Re: FERAL wolf contest! Win 40GDs!
«Reply #2: August 18, 2012, 11:10:50 PM»
Sorry, due to unforeseen issues, I will be canceling this contest.. My deepest apologies.

HOWEVER, if you have something drawn, please do not hesitate to show me before you edit and resell it as I may be interested in buying it off of you. Thanks!