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Author Topic: CHEAP art for gaia gold and dragonscales -  (Read 365 times)

Offline scout

CHEAP art for gaia gold and dragonscales -
«: August 11, 2012, 08:26:20 PM»

i really, really want to have my dream avi done! but unfortunately it is over 1 mil - and know i probably won't get the desired amount. BUT, i at least want to get as much gold as i can from commissions, donations, etc etc. this is where YOU wonderful people come in!

i'll be doing traditional art for GD or gaia gold and it will all be priced based on difficulty - keep in mind it won't be under 5k gold, or over 10k gold.

dragonscales range anywhere from 2-5 GD!

any extra characters or colouring will be an extra 2,500 gold or 1 GD.

unfortunately, i will only be drawing your feral characters because my humans are absolutely ratchet and i can honestly only draw males.

PM, comment or whisper me on git, BLU scout, or escort!

- due to the fact that my deviantart is contaminated with old art, i will just be posting examples below -

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