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Author Topic: Original Canine Species Adopts!  (Read 645 times)

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Original Canine Species Adopts!
«: August 14, 2012, 09:52:03 PM»
So, I decided to make a species and turn them into adoptables c:

Info on the species will be at the bottom of the post.

♥ They will be $5 each! ♥
Upon purchase I will draw your character for FREE c:
This can be a port, ref sheet, drawing, etc.


~Please do not take design without purchasing~
~Do not re-sell~
~Do not change the species~
~You can add accessories and scars/markings as long as they stay within guidelines of species more or less~
~Please do not breed unless given my permission~
~Please give me credit to the species if you obtain one~


**Click for Full View please**



This is NOT an open species.
Though I will take commissions on customized ones. c:
Ask me for details and pricing.


INFO on the species:

Species Name : Nasarro

Meaning : Wild Spirit

Language : The tongue of Tano (goddess of wisdom and speech)

General appearance : Nasarros resemble wolves anatomy wise. They have tufts of multi-colored feathers at their elbows, hips and shoulders. The tufts on the shoulders resemble wings but they are useless for flying. All teenage / young adult Nasarros have two piercings on their left ear. When they reach adulthood, feathers are added.

Gender differences : As the male Nasarro matures, he gains more feathers, beads, trinkets, etc. based on his accomplishments and conquers. Females typically do not gain more as they grow older unless they have great success as an Amai (spiritual leader) or Ranger (guardian). Females are generally smaller than males, with less feathers and tufts and docile colours, while males are larger and typically have brighter coloured feather tufts. The average size of a male Nasarro is 34 – 37 inches and weigh around 240 lbs. The average size of a female Nasarro is 29 – 33 inches and weigh around 200 lbs. Females also tend to have brighter eye colours and are known for having mismatched coloured eyes versus males who have darker and matching eye colours.

Lifespan : Nasarros have a different concept of time than humans being the spiritual beings they are. Males live to be approx. 365 years of human age. Females live to be approx. 720 years. The reason for the drastic difference in estimated lifespan is that males are the guardians, the Rangers, of the tribes and die prematurely due to fighting, injuries, and disease. Females on the other hand are regarded highly for their intellect and spiritual connections to the deities, and therefore typically control positions of power such as the Amai while the males guard them. Though these positions are not strictly male or female as females may make excellent Rangers and males may have advanced intellect and spirit.

MORE INFO will be added later c:

Thank you! ♥


Art and species (c) Me
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Re: Original Canine Species Adopts!
«Reply #1: August 17, 2012, 04:58:28 PM»
For a limited time, I will draw a full character ref sheet with your details, a port, AND a custom chat pose of your character. c:
This is included for custom Nasarros.^^
“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?” ― A.A. Milne

dA name: inkumei
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