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Author Topic: Cheap iframe sites by Slush & Navigate  (Read 857 times)

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Cheap iframe sites by Slush & Navigate
«: August 17, 2012, 04:33:03 PM»
S I T E S . B Y . S L U S H & N A V I G A T E .

Please PM us here or whisper your details to Slush or Navigate.

Websites start at a flat fee of 5 GD. Each additional page thereafter is 1 GD.

Feel free to request additional images, music players, custom menu buttons, etc. Please provide character art, as we will not be providing any artwork. However, we will provide stock images as backgrounds that match your requested theme. When commissioning, please include desired design details.

Websites will be hosted on dropbox. If you don't have an account, one will be created for you. Or if you have an old html webs site, we can write the coding there too.

Commission time should take 2-5 days and we will be taking 3 commissions at a time.

Multi - Page / Complex Examples (5 GD + 1 GD per each additional page):
http://indiex.webs.com/LUMEN.htm - would cost 9 GD
http://indiex.webs.com/navi.htm - would cost 5 GD

Simple Site Example (5 GD):

Commission Form:
Character name:
Type of site:
Pages (titles):
Color scheme desired:
Specific design ideas:
Art you would like included:

Commissions: OPEN

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2) - - -
3) - - -
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Re: Cheap multi-page sites by Slush & Navigate
«Reply #1: August 18, 2012, 09:24:13 PM»
site for my own character finished! design and coding done by slush #SO


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Re: Cheap iframe sites by Slush & Navigate
«Reply #2: September 11, 2012, 10:31:38 AM»