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Author Topic: ✖ Etro's Descs (now offering site descs, too!) ✖  (Read 871 times)

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✖ Etro's Descs (now offering site descs, too!) ✖
«: August 20, 2012, 06:21:25 PM»
Hello! My name is Etro, and I am a desc writer. My creativity is flourishing, and I am seeking new challenges. As I am aware desc commissions are not so high in demand, I write descs for enjoyment as well as utilize the writing process as a learning experience toward my career as an editor. The low demand for desc commissions in the Furcadia market isn't going to stop me! =p

Edit: It has come to my immediate attention that there are some people who don't like 'walls of texts' for their Furc desc and would rather have a small one with the larger desc on their site. And as I prefer to write long descs, I am pleased to say I now offer site desc commissions too!

[Note 1: No Forms]
Yep, no forms. I prefer to take a more personal approach rather than demand my clients around. "Fill out this form so I can write you a desc." No, thanks. Too basic. You won't find that with me. I would like to work with you, together engaged in discussion that benefits both parties. You get a solid feel for what I am writing, and I get to have you opine on my work to make sure that I am doing what you want. I work better under these circumstances, rather than taking the route of reliance on forms.

[Note 2: Dedication]
Writing descs is my hobby. Therefore, I am very dedicated to all of my commissions. Even offline, I will be thinking of ideas for your desc. Also, I should note that I often edit a finished desc a few times as I seem to come up with 'better' ideas afterward. And apparently, my clients really appreciate that about me. =p

Writing Style
Packed with detail - Flows well - Very eye-appealing
(I have references who can vouch for me on the above, if necessary.)


Prices // Commission Info

Examples // Past Commissions

Please do not reply. PM me, or throw a whisper to Etro on Furc. ^_^
Thank you!
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Offline Etro

Re: ✖ Etro's Descs (now offering site descs, too!) ✖
«Reply #1: August 26, 2012, 12:14:14 PM»
Update! I've opened up site desc commissions as well. :)