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Author Topic: LF old human male portrait  (Read 298 times)

Offline Heimdall

LF old human male portrait
«: August 23, 2012, 10:40:51 PM»
Hello! I'm looking for a remappable portrait of my medieval Scandinavian character, Bolverk. He is an elderly human. I'm looking for a nice-looking remappable portrait that shows a little bit of his upper body, but not a whole lot. I would be okay with any style as long as you can capture the character well. :)

Bolverk is bald with a round head and a square face. His cheeks aren't deeply sunken and he has some jowls, as well as a very long beard and big bushy eyebrows. Here is his site, with reference images and description. His first image there has the best ref of his face. He is wearing a tunic with heavy trim and this torc (the fancy one with the red eyes). He also is wearing the Mjolnir necklace that's in the first image on his site. If his hand is showing I'd like there to be a simple wedding ring on the ring finger. I'm going to be a little picky about his face shape, since it's quite particular!

I'm not too particular about the pose, though. I'd like him to have a little smile on his face, and maybe tugging on a part of his beard. The background will depend on the image--I don't know what I want yet in that regard.

Skin: fur
Hair, brows, and beard: hair
Streaks in beard: markings
Eyes: eyes
Tunic: vest
Tunic trim: cape and bracers
Jewelry: nonremap

I can pay in GD and I'm willing to pay a little extra if you normally prefer Paypal. Just reply or PM me with your prices and examples! :)