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Author Topic: Seeking HIGH QUALITY portrait artist ( details inside )  (Read 382 times)

Offline David

Seeking HIGH QUALITY portrait artist ( details inside )
«: August 25, 2012, 12:55:30 AM»
I'm looking for artists who's art is very good quality and $25+ in price. Please don't come to me if you charge anything under that.

I'm looking for very nice, smooth, preferably non-remap pixel and cg mixed ports similar to Anestia, Binkari, Miyo, etc.

If you're closed I'm willing to overpay for a slot.

Currently seeking someone who is willing to do couple ports. ( If your art is great and you don't do those, still contact me, I'll buy individual portraits. )

My character and the other character I'd like ports done of are both human and distinctive looking, have long, narrow faces and are thin, like models.

I have $100 to spend on artwork so don't be shy if you charge a lot.

Whisper me on David or PM me here! It's greatly appreciated.
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