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Author Topic: 9 Premade designs, one with port. Anthro and feral.  (Read 891 times)

Offline Weiss

9 Premade designs, one with port. Anthro and feral.
«: August 27, 2012, 12:52:47 PM»
Photobucket scales these down, so most are a lot larger.

Purchase either by whispering Weiss (fastest) or posting/PMing here. I'll then send you the full-size non-marked version.

Stryder is my alt and www.stryder-art.deviantart.com is my dA now. Hence, the sig.

I will accept:
-- PayPal
-- Lifers
-- Dragonscales
-- Port Spaces
-- Gas/Gift Cards
-- Computer parts (ask)
-- Vampfangs.com stuff
-- Alts (MAYBE)
-- Art (MAYBE)

Anything else, feel free to ask - but I may not need/want it. I will not take game currency for anything other than Furc.

Will make a port for any one of these you want - even if it has one already. $5 more. Prices ARE negotiable and I WILL make edits!

Green Kitty


Blue Kitty


Buy both for $5

Anthro and Feral wolf-man


Wolf with Port - Background to be added when purchased.




Anthro Female... something


Derp Duck

$5,000 -- Just kidding. Only $5

Feral tiger


Feral Lion Port