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Author Topic: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!  (Read 1087 times)

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Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
«: August 27, 2012, 04:25:36 PM»
Hi everyone! I'm Arialonomus, I'm offering various character related services to the Furcadian public, including character sprites, descriptions, character creation, continuities and more! All for a small fee, of course ;)

- Index -

Post 1) Sprites
Post 2) Continuities, Characters, and Other Writings
Post 3) Graphic Design

To commission anything from me, drop me a message here, send me an e-mail at [email protected], or whisper me on Arialonomus or Marius Catherwood!


I've been spriting for about 4 years now. I got my start doing fan sprites for the game series Ace Attorney, and therefore, my sprites are in the Ace Attorney style. Unfortunately I can only do human, or human-esque characters, so no animals/animalistic characters, otherwise it's pretty much free reign!

Here's some examples of my work:

No Backgrounds

With Backgrounds

Fullbody Sprites


- Commissioning Sprites -

A typical sprite is usually the character facing the viewer, in a slightly dynamic standing pose. I can do other poses, depending on the complexity, but it is more costly.

-Headshot/Portrait: A headshot/bust shot that can be used as a portrait for your character.
  • No Background: $5-10
  • Background: $10-$15

-Sprite: A character sprite from the waist up, dynamic posing possible, specify in your commission.
  • No Background: $15 - $20
  • Background: $20-$30

NOTE: I will try and find and edit a background to best suit your request, I cannot however, fill all backgrounds to the perfect degree of the commissioner, if this is the case, I will search for a similar background and check for your approval.

-Fullbody Sprite: A full sprite, head to toe, no dynamic posing available, I cannot grantee my taking of a fullbody sprite.
  • Fullbody Sprite: $35+

-Mini-Sprite: A miniature sprite of your character, fun size! Dynamic posing available!
  • Mini-Sprite: $5-$7
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Re: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
«Reply #1: August 27, 2012, 04:25:55 PM»

For those who aren't familiar, a continuity is the back story of a role playing dream or website, or a work of fiction. It establishes the setting, geography, history, economy, culture, and more. Continuities can be incredibly in depth, and help role players and writers better flesh out their characters and stories. I do continuities for every genre and setting, and I'd love to help your dream or story! When commissioning a Continuity, give me as little or as much information as you already have, and a few guidelines about what you'd like to establish, and I'll take it from there, checking up with you to make sure it's going along with what you want.

- Sample Continuities -

- Commissioning Continuities -

A continuity's price will vary depending on the size and detail of the continuity, and the amount of work put into it, however a general guideline is $20-$50.


In the same way that I offer my services for creating continuities, I also can help flesh out a character. Got an idea for a character, but don't know how to add more to him? Have a character but you want a bigger backstory? Have a fully fleshed character, but don't want to create his family members? All that and more is fine. I offer character services running the gamut from designs (no visuals concepts, just in depth descriptions possibly aided with a sprite), to merely Furcadian descriptions.

A sample of my character abilities, the website of my character Marius Catherwood.

- Commissioning Characters -
  • Furcadia Descriptions: $5
  • Backstory and Abilities: $10
  • Character Design: $15
  • Full Package: $20
  • Roleplay Repository Website: $25


Have a story you'd like to see written but don't think you have a skill. Had a storyline you wished was fleshed out in your favorite book? I'm here to answer those needs. I'll do writings for small fee, be it fan fictions or original stories!

A sample of my writing is my story "Year of the Wolf" you can read the Prologue and Chapter 1.

- Commissioning Writings -

I charge for writings on a chapter by chapter basis, and give discounts depending on how many chapters you buy. I will write fan-fiction for commission, but reserve the right to decline based on my familiarity and interest in the original work. I will not write yaoi, yuri, or any explicit sexual material.
  • Fan-Fiction: $10 per chapter.
  • Original Fiction: $15 per chapter.
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Re: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
«Reply #2: August 27, 2012, 04:26:06 PM»

Need a stunning logo for your company, game, website, what have you? Well, look no further. I absolutely adore doing logos for just about anything, here's a few samples of my work! (Note the sizes have been adjusted for formatting purposes, the full logos commissioned would be large and crystal clear).

- Commissioning Logos -

The price on logo design varies depending upon complexity and style of logo, but a general guideline is $10 - $30.


I've started to do full posters for all kinds of things. Need a poster for your event? Need an ad for your website? I'll gladly design your show poster, ready to go for prints! Here's some sample of my work:

- Commissioning Posters -

Poster prices will vary on size and compelxity, here's a guide based on size.
  • Website: A size made for viewing only on a website, typically less than 1000x1000, not good for prints, $10-$15.
  • Mailer (5.5" x 8"): Excellent for a postcard to be handed out advertising whatever you need, size can be adjusted based on your print size, $15-$20
  • Poster I (8.5" x 11"): A smaller poster size to be printed to 8.5" x 11" paper, great for all kinds of promotions, $25-$50
  • Poster II (11" x 17"): A larger poster size, commonly used for venues and performances such as concerts and shows, $40 - $75
  • Poster III: Any poster larger than 11" x 17" falls under this category, excellent for larger posters, like those that can go on a wall or movie size posters, price starts at $75+
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Re: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
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Re: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
«Reply #4: December 17, 2012, 09:39:19 PM»
BUMP! Commissions are Open ONCE MOAR.

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Re: Character Sprites, Continuities, and More!
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