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Author Topic: Websites!  (Read 870 times)

Offline Basan

«: May 30, 2008, 08:30:21 AM»
I have been working on websites for years, I like making simple designs look good and work exclusively with CSS and frames. I can work with most images you give me, I have a copy of CS and can work with it but I don't specialize in photoshop so if you have an idea (i.e.: Japanese styled art, castles), I can usually whip up something we will both be happy with. I make websites in Firefox and at least make sure they look decent in Explorer and Opera. Firefox is my priority, though. (Pssst, if you don't use it it's amazing!)

If you don't have any images and no ideas, you can also give me a description of your character and I will work from scratch on it. I will roughly cut and edit any images I use, show you an example and if you like it we will continue to use it.

I charge anywhere between $5 and $25 for a website. I take Paypal or if you don't have Paypal I will take cash money through the mail. I also accept certain digos, GD and sometimes character art (I have three main alts x____x). I will also think about trading for alts that have Digos or port art/port spaces.

Higher charges are higher if:
- I include all of your pre-written character facts (description, stats, pictures) and upload them myself.
- I include an MP3 player and upload MP3s for you.
- I make a website completely from scratch, search for images and work with them in photoshop (this does not mean it is shooting up to $25)

Prices include the design, making or using an exisisting Freewebs username, uploading your website and creating all webpages. <b>This does not mean I will write all of your character bios, this has been mistaken before, I just upload YOUR ideas.</b> Like stated above, if you don't know what the heck is going on with HTML I will include a howto guide in your website. :)

Here are some examples, first the character websites and extras, followed by a few other websites I have done:
-- http://www.freewebs.com/jonsi-holm/jonsibg.jpg
-- http://www.freewebs.com/jonsi-holm/bgjo.jpg


You can contact me by whispering me on Furcadia: Basan, or by emailing me at cheersmyman AT gmail DOT com

:) :)
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