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Author Topic: Art For Art  (Read 438 times)

Offline Rami

Art For Art
«: August 30, 2012, 01:52:47 AM»
So, ladies and gents. I am in the mood to do some trading. I like receiving art, it makes me happy, however I can not afford to buy any. This is were you come in. For a limited time I want to do art trades. I make you ports, while you make me either ports or art if you can't do ports in return. I want it for one specific character at the moment, because everyone else is in the revision box. orz.  However! If you can not do art at all but still want one I am taking port spaces too.

To sum this up for people who don't want to read:
Port Space (One per Port)

Terms of Service:
-First the sketch is made and then you are expected to pay.
-Work continues after payment is received, with progress shown every step.
-When you see a mistake or something you want changing, please tell me immediately and calmly.
-You may cancel the commission for any reason at any time but refunds will not be given after the flat color stage and you do NOT have the rights to keep or use anything created from the cancelled commission.
-Please treat me how you wish to be treated and remember I am ONLY human.
-I withhold the rights to cancel a commission at any times based on your behavior.

To contact, PM me here or whisper Lolipop.

What I will draw:
Anything. Literally. I'm not squeamish or weirded out by anything.

Who you draw:
Name: Lolipop
Personality: Looney and psychotic, Loli is carefree as nothing matters to him. He is often found making faces with his tail or harassing someone. Bag cat, is his prized possession and no one is allowed to touch it. His tail eats anything and everything whether Loli himself wants him to or not, for his tail has a mind of its own. Lolipop also has a habit of letting his tongue hang out when he grins. (Need to work on his personality discription, hope its enough for now.)
References: Damn/ Those /Biscuts

Character Name -
Reference/Website -
Pose -
Background -
Contacts -
Payment Type -
Other -

Commission/Trade List

1. Choctaw

Port Examples:
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