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Author Topic: Seeking skin artist!  (Read 495 times)

Offline Blastoise

Seeking skin artist!
«: August 30, 2012, 09:39:12 PM»
Howdy. I'm the rah of a Pokémon-themed dream, mostly just social, but anyways, I've been making skins for it myself up until now.. and I'm not terribly good at it! Bout time to get something more appealing and professional.
I've got only a few things I definitely want. The big one is I want it to be able to have some minor edits for the four seasons, since I change the dream's aesthetics for each. Forest-y probably, just with edits for fall leaves, a few more flowers for spring, and snow for winter and one base for summer. I would prefer something drawn, not all stock images or anything, but use of patches for the majority is completely fine if it's done well. I don't need any digo buttons done but will need a tab left open for digos. Would also like a Pokémon butler but don't have any particular preference for which, as long as it's not pikachu (too overused :c) or a legendary. I'm really open for any sort of artistic freedom otherwise. I know that seems like a lot of text, I'm pretty easy to please, trust me!
I'd just like some examples (of skins or other art, don't care) and basic price ranges. I will be able to pay in GDs or PayPal, and may need a little time to gather some money depending on when I'm contacted and I know these sorts of things have a ton of work that go into them
But yes, thanks for reading :)