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Author Topic: $10 Painted Non-remap Ports  (Read 503 times)

Offline Imorgrim

$10 Painted Non-remap Ports
«: September 04, 2012, 01:33:36 AM»
95x95 Painted Non-Remap Furcadia Portrait $10 Paypal ONLY

  • I'm much better with females and humans, but I'm willing to attempt males for half price (limited offer until I improve my ability with them) but I will not take more than one male order at a time.
  • Anthros are welcome, but they're can be a little shaky for me. Canines are the hardest.
  • I'm willing to try ferals.
  • I am still semi-experimenting with different methods of painting so some style differences may apply.
  • If I'm not happy with how it turned out or I don't think I can pull it off, you will be discounted or fully refunded (prior is at MY discretion, I'm very fair).
  • I require payment upfront so please have the funds available before contacting me.
  • If you cancel after I've already started shading you will only be refunded half for my time invested and it may go up as a premade after edits. If it is practically done already, you cannot get a refund.
  • I will warn you now that more often than not once I have started a piece I work very quickly so do not be surprised if the progress on your port moves much faster than you anticipated.
After you have checked if I have any slots open on my DA, contact me by PM or over DA with..
  • a brief personality or link to profile site.
  • references (can either be your actual character or pictures representing different aspects of your character's general look but do not blatantly copy others' characters please, if they're too much alike without good reason I will refuse).
  • contact e-mail or furcadia name.
  • any other information you deem important.

You may also contact me on Imorgrim on Furc if you have any questions etc.
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