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Author Topic: UPDATE -- HTML/CSS CODER FOR HIRE  (Read 816 times)

Offline Jess!

«: September 14, 2012, 07:39:17 AM»
I'm looking for a website and forum specialist with a bundled or discounted price -- as in one price for both the website and the forum. I don't want to have to pay two different prices, because the forum and the website will be used for the same thing. The only way two different prices will be paid, will be if two different artists are commissioned.

The website is to have a max of seven pages; max meaning that I don't really need seven, but just in-case. The most I will actually use is four -- but that could change.

The forum is to have the same theme as the website; they go hand in hand, though it is perfectly okay for one of the two to have/express more detail than the other.

I'm looking to also pay with paypal and the funds ready and available for purchase.

Please whisper me (on AMATA) with the information, including your best examples and a price <3

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Offline Romeo

Re: Looking to learn; please help.
«Reply #1: November 30, 2012, 03:54:54 PM»
I presume this is already taken care of by now? If not, I'd love to hear more. Iframes are an element of HTML, so I don't think you need two people, honestly~
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