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Author Topic: Seeking Artists  (Read 313 times)

Offline Sweety

Seeking Artists
«: September 21, 2012, 06:42:45 PM»
So my main alt is lacking artwork and I've recently acquired some scales and I'd like to put them to good use. Paying with PayPal is NOT an option for me. Scales allow me to pay the artist the required amount without worry of having to chase someone down to get my money back if they back out, and it eliminates the worry for back charges when using Paypal. If you have a problem being paid in scales please seek commissioners elsewhere.

1 GD = $1.00 USD(I purchase GD straight from the market and therefor it's value to me is the same as what real currency is.)

+ Reference Sheet (Anthro/Feral) - **It is important that you can do both Anthro and Feral as Sweety has two forms and I'd like them both on the sheet. This is priority!
+ Flat Colors
+ Shaded Works
+ Pixel Tags
+ DA Icons (Animated/Non-Animated)
+ Portraits (Animated/Non-Animated)

If you are interesting in taking a commission from me please contact me on Sweety and leave me an offline message (if I'm online then I'll respond). I would like examples of the works you specialize in as well as prices. I'm searching for good deals and I'd rather not spend all my GD in one place at one time.

I will provide my reference of Sweety's feral form upon whisper. As per her anthro form, the same ref will be used, however it will be bi-pedal and I will provide a reference of the attire.
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