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Author Topic: Public Apology To Former Commissioned Artists  (Read 731 times)

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Public Apology To Former Commissioned Artists
«: September 21, 2012, 10:31:56 PM»
To those that this may concern;

Today, it came to my attention that there has been discussion about me regarding past commissions, experiences during those commissions and opinions on such. There was heated talk and at the end of it all, I took something from it that I currently reflect upon. Throughout the community, I know I am well-known for commissioning people constantly and for large amounts of artwork as well. My fondness for artwork is well known and so and so forth but today I was made aware of some people and more that have felt I have mistreated them, been rude and demanding, things of which make me feel somewhat ashamed. There are some of which I am aware and apparently many of which I am not though this is aimed to reach all. This is not in any way an open gate for this conflict to continue and for negative feelings to be harbored, grudges are something that'll take the energy out of you. Perhaps I am a hypocrite in saying that but we all are hypocrites I've learned but I am working on it, we all have something to work on.

When I go about commissioning someone for artwork, I've seen something in their work that appeals to me, attracts my attention and makes me want to their work for my characters. To those I do not commission, that does not mean I don't admire and favorite your artwork, the reasons are never personal and I cannot commission every single person out there. Patience is something that is required between both the commissioned and the commissioner which is a virtue everyone must practice. I am one of many people who despite all the artwork I have in my case, still gets excited and anticipates every piece of art I receive. I can be picky but hardly ever about artwork and commissions, more like colors and stuff of that nature. I've had plenty of commissions that have unfortunately taken a long time and trust me when I say, while not everything that goes through my mind is seen on the screen, when a person takes a while to complete something, I often consider the natural reasons as to why: A life, work, family, school etc. I have school, I have my family, but I am not quite as occupied as some people are. Sometimes it's hard to show that I am aware of this but I am, always and many people around me will know if I wonder about a commission or something like that, I do often say 'I know they're probably busy, they got work'.

Here's a key element that I have come to acknowledge in time about things: Communication. I find when I speak to the artist, get to know them which is not something that is an obligation, I get to know them, I get to know more about what they're going through and naturally, one is more understanding through knowledge. When I don't know them, I want to really keep in touch so I know what's going on but I honestly do try to be patient, again excitement and wondering gets in the way. You have your side, I have my side and I understand it may have clashed. I can be a bit impatient but not with the purpose of annoying or making the other feel as though I can't wait for it. I am actually very self conscious about asking about my commissions because I want to avoid such an issue from happening, I understand I need to work on it. There are some people that have asked me not to push them and I've understood, like I said I don't want them to feel pressured. I am sure everyone experiences this, it's not my intention to do that, it's usually just excitement and for that I apologize.

At the end of this, what I want to make plainly clear is that I don't ever mean to offend anyone and this might be something that you hear a lot but it's true. I don't care what some people think of me because a lot of things that I hear and see are rumors spread around that people believe--it's hard for me to care when what people want is to start drama. This is a game and I have over time certainly come to view it as such. What I care about is when people I don't immediately know or recognize feel offended, when I've done something wrong and have not realized my mistake. I care about when something goes wrong and I didn't pick up on it, feelings are hurt and I wasn't told because if given a chance I like to prove I do feel remorse and want to make things up to people. I like to make amends where I realize I've done something wrong, I want to correct wrongs and I like to fix things. I am self conscious person on certain things and when it comes to commissions, it applies when it comes to asking about the status of a commission. Sometimes I am just clueless of what is going on rather than knowing. I hate asking numerous times with no answer when if it's no than just say so. The reason for me posting this is because I am a person that wants solutions, I like to resolve things and come to an understanding where it's possible. This isn't like some of our world issues where two countries hate each other over things they shouldn't. I would like for us to move on if it is possible, I would like to be forgiven because I had no idea that this was going on and truly feel bad for not realizing it. When I have a bad interaction, I never forget and I get the impression that the unknown outweighs what I remember and so, this is me reaching out to apologize, sincerely because I don't want anyone to think I view anyone as below me in any way. I've made my mistakes, I accept that and I ask for forgiveness, a second chance and to hopefully not judge me entirely on my character. I am not a person that likes to resolve things publicly but if this is what it takes to forgive, that's what I will do. I've probably repeated myself a few times but at least I hope the message gets across and people's feelings are addressed, that I have addressed and acknowledged my part in it and expressed my apology.

Thank you.


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Re: Public Apology To Former Commissioned Artists
«Reply #1: September 21, 2012, 10:45:36 PM»
In my experience no commissioner / artist relationship is going to be perfect, even when you put forth your best efforts.  Sometimes we don't show our best side to people, and sometimes people just aren't able to read into our intentions like we want for them to.  Regardless of what we try to do to prevent it, it just doesn't always pan out ideally for one party or the other.  Regardless, that shouldn't keep either side- artist or commissioner- from being as courteous and respectful as possible.  I've always tried to maintain a level of honesty and commitment in the work that I do for others- and even when I commission others- and that's really the best I can do.
Despite others seeming to find your faults, I've known you long enough to be able read you and understand you on a level that some people who are simply an acquaintance cannot.  As far as commissioners go I really can't ask for better.  You're patient, willing to work with me when I need some leniency, direction, guidance etc, and you're easy to contact.  And to be honest I can't ask for more from a commissioner than those things, and sometimes I probably shouldn't even have a right to those things, but you give it to me anyways.  So, for everything that it's worth, I appreciate it!
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