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Author Topic: Non-remap and remap pixel portraits, wheee!  (Read 448 times)

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Non-remap and remap pixel portraits, wheee!
«: October 02, 2012, 09:55:34 PM»
I need some money, please buy my ports.

Remap and non-remappable ports $10PP/12GD.
I'm very good at humans and neko characters but horrible at characters that look more animal than human.
That means nothing with a beak, snout, or muzzle.



I will show you line-art progress to ask how you like it. If something doesn't
look right, please tell me when I show you the line-art, don't want until I'm
finished. Any changes you want made after I've colored and shaded will cost
extra, so don't do it please. After you've approved of the line art, you
can send me payment. I will finish your port and send it to you! Yay!

Want to commission a port? Fill out the form below and reply here or send me
a message.

Name: (the name of the character you are commissioning a port for)

Contact Info: (preferably a Furc name that you are ACTIVE on;
if you tend to be AFK for more than 3 hours at a time, please provide me with
another instant means of contacting you)

Remap/Non-remap: (please provide a color code if you want it remap)

Payment Method: Paypal/Dragonscales?

Ref: (please provide a ref, I have a really difficult time working from descriptions)

Character's Personality/Demeanor:
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