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Author Topic: How to Report a Post  (Read 778 times)

Offline gaga

How to Report a Post
«: October 11, 2012, 12:29:41 AM»
It's time to give you a refreshing crash course on a neat feature of this site.

Reporting a post is simple enough, just as the images below dictate:

Beneath each post a user makes, there is this useful button. Clicking it sends you to the following screen:

Put in a little reason why, and hit submit. And it's just that simple!

You help us keep the site tidier and inform us of things that we may have missed throughout the day.

However, there is a limit to the use of this feature. Not every single thing is reportable.

The things that get tended to when you use the report feature are as follows:

Rule Breaking
Thread Removal
Thread Unlocking
Thread Moving (for misplaced threads)

Things that do NOT get resolved using this feature:

Personal Issues:
  • Someone 'slandering' -you in an Alert thread.
  • Asking for the removal of an Alert thread. (THESE THREADS ARE NEVER REMOVED. EVER.)
  • Accusing someone of any kind of theft.
  • Personal beefs with someone you simply dislike.
Things you THINK are against the rules.

If ever in doubt, before you submit a report review our rules seen HERE.
Note, that these are the main rules for the site. Each section does have it's own rules as well, so be sure to review those as well.

If you believe that someone is doing something nefarious you MUST go through the proper channels before making an Alt or Art Alert. We do not post for you under any circumstances.