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Author Topic: Interactive Paper Dolls  (Read 381 times)

Offline Rain

Interactive Paper Dolls
«: October 15, 2012, 04:47:59 AM»
Collaboration by Jazz and myself, we're doing interactive paper dolls! Hooray.


$20 each, paypal only please seeing as we split the profits.

~Two outfits (each extra costs $2)
~One hairstyle (attached to character, each extra costs $2) - If more than one hairstyle, there will NOT be an attached hairpiece and naked ref will be bald.
~Five accessories (each extra PAIR costs $2 per pair) - accessories include cigarettes, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, purse, scarf, whatever. Lingerie is not an accessory. A pair of earrings = one accessory. A pair of shoes = one accessory and so on. 
~Can draw pretty much anything. Ferals, anthros, humans, whatever you like.
~Consider the naked version a ref included with purchase ;)
~If you want different eye colours, eyes will be treated as accessories. The base will have pupil-free eyes and interchangeable colours. (Overlapping colours can be tricky and messy looking.) So, if you want a pair of blue eyes and a pair of gold eyes, that will be two accessories.

 Please whisper myself (Rain on furc) or Jazz (Jazz on furc) if interested. You may also PM me here or PM her here.

Please fill out the form so we can best suit your wishes.

Character name:
Best way(s) to contact you:
How many outfits and all refs (or best desc. possible):
How many accessories and all refs (or best desc possible):
How many hairstyles and all refs (or best desc possible):
Any specific pose?:
Anything else you want us to know: