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Author Topic: Seeking Artists who play Wajas!  (Read 377 times)

Offline Sweety

Seeking Artists who play Wajas!
«: October 16, 2012, 03:16:34 PM»
The reason I say this is because I have CWP that is going unused, as well as a Generation 1 custom level 21 Mining Waja, and several million Waja Cash. I also have a few items worth their weight in CWP.

At the moment I have 16 CWP active to spend on artwork and I'd seriously do not want to spend it all on one picture as 1 CWP = 6.5million right now. What I am looking for is below.

** Flat Colored images with no background
** Portraits (Painted, non painted)
** Icons 50x50 (DA Icons) or 200x200 (reduced to 95x95 after, with both copies sent)

I can be reached on Sweety, Plushy or Sashimi in game. The fastest way to get a hold of me would be to PM me in Furcadia but if you can not do that then please PM me here. I'll check it often. Please provide me with examples when messaging me as well as your price list. I can't stand it when someone say's they'll do something yet they leave out the most important part (pricing and examples).