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Author Topic: small 5 GD character art, done same day  (Read 437 times)

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small 5 GD character art, done same day
«: October 18, 2012, 01:15:09 AM»

(if the image needs to be scaled again, please tell me to what dimensions)

Mhm! This is an example of my skill, and probably of what you'll get. I can draw anthros, and possibly humans but I will tell you now I've not drawn humans in ages, so ferals and anthros preferred!
I will not do full scale full bodies, you'll get something a little more cutesy and small for anthros. I'll have an example for one of those as soon as I get to make one.

Anyways! Just 4 slots for right now, I need to work on other things as well, but as the title implies these are donme same day and more than likely started as soon as I get a ref and details of what you'd like.

1. Surplus - Done
2. Surplus - Done
3. Surplus - Done
4. Surplus - Done
5. Surplus - Done
6. Surplus - Done
7. Aware - Done
8. Aware

NOTE: You do not pay until I am finished, but you do not get to see the art until I am paid. So when I tell you it is done, you will pay the GDs and I will give you the art and after that you can request changes be made if needed.

Images are usually larger than the example up top, so you will get the full resolution (I usually start on a canvas of 1000x1000 and crop as needed when i am finished)

Whisper me on Gross if interested, or PM me

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Re: small 5 GD character art, done same day
«Reply #1: October 21, 2012, 10:49:52 PM»
I love your style! Great Job!