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Author Topic: Wanting to buy port arts[Offering Portspaces/PP/GD/art/lifers ]  (Read 2595 times)

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Portspaces- x5
GD - 10
PP - I'll spend up to $25 Tops ( Per portrait. ) ( I have around $40-50 to spend on portraits. I get paid every Friday. However I'd rather use Port spaces or GD ;;.)
Art - try me for a trade? uAu I might not though since Im' busy a lot of the time ;;.
Lifers - Foxen ( Priced around $10-15)

♦Contact ♦
Fastest way PM me on here or whisper if I'm online.
Whisper :Adari | Mariana | Anastasi
Comment below.

Adari - WEBSITE ]
OUTFIT OPTIONS: Anything silky / belly dancing clothing / dresses loita and so on.
Pose/Theme: Anything 'cute' works him eating cake / cookies / any sweets really. :,D

♦What I want♦

Mariana -Mariana is more or less a prick , snobby and rude. He likes to show off his wealth and any type of jems/shiny things at all times. He wears a crown / tiara almost all the time. However he can come off as cute and often acts like a child when he doesn't get what he wants. Like pouting or throwing a fit. He enjoys sleeping , being lazy , large men and drinking.  - one | two | three | four [NSFW] five [NSFW]
OUTFIT OPTIONS: one | two | three | four  five[ AKA something prince like]
Pose/Theme: I'm not too picky on poses if your like me and want to do your own thing thats fine. but if you are wanting a certain pose. Him with jems / holding them up licking them. Him pouting or giving a PLEASEE CAN I HAZ look is also great. Something suductive is a plus too. Rating can be ANYTHING. I really don't care what ever you feel like drawing.
Anastasi -Anastasi is well for like of a better term whoreish? He likes to tease others and sometimes comes off as creepy. He enjoys gore and chopping himself and others up without a second thought. He enjoys dressing up and playing pretend. So themed outfits like 'sexy' cop/nurse/wtf ever works well for him. He is a doctor so him with medical equipment wouldn't be an odd thing to see. He seems to be be happy all the time to the point his wide smile can scare some people.   - one [the one standing up.] | two | three | four [gore/blood] five [Heavy gore/blood/ and NSFW] | six [NSFW]
OUTFIT OPTIONS: one | two | three | four  five
Pose/Theme:You get bownie points if you draw gore/blood! As for poses something like him laying a bout on pillows. Him being flirty / seductive. Props like knifes / scalpels / needles and so on are awesome. Pretty much a dark theme over all . him smiling widely is pretty much a must though.   
♦Notes and other things♦
I'm not just looking for ports character art is awesome as well and I'm willing to spend up to $40 on character art!
I'm pretty easy to work with and I love a good chat so don;t be scared to talk with me about the port  ;w; .Pixel or smooth is fine! I'm looking for nonremap ports! Animated ports are a maybe . Any rating like a said before it fine!
You get awesome points for wanting to make a winter themed port for me! 'w' Snow and cold or them drinking hot coco is adasdfasdg awesome.

-Mez - paid - Not finished
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Re: Wanting to buy port arts[Offering Portspaces/PP/GD/art/lifers ]
«Reply #2: October 23, 2012, 06:17:16 PM»
considering two people now uwu keep em coming!

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Re: Wanting to buy port arts[Offering Portspaces/PP/GD/art/lifers ]
«Reply #4: November 19, 2012, 04:42:29 PM»
My style's normally very bright and sharp, but if you don't mind it here's some examples, http://radioactivebirds.deviantart.com

If you're okay with it, I'd only ask for port spaces in return or maybe the life foxen for a large request. ;v;

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Re: Wanting to buy port arts[Offering Portspaces/PP/GD/art/lifers ]
«Reply #6: December 10, 2012, 11:32:10 PM»
hoeseidon.deviantart.com bogo for december


Re: Wanting to buy port arts[Offering Portspaces/PP/GD/art/lifers ]
«Reply #7: December 11, 2012, 11:19:06 AM»
prices and examples are here:

i'm currently accepting paypal/gd/port spaces.