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Author Topic: Mayhaps can I has some arts please? (Also a weird request open to human artists)  (Read 596 times)

Offline JP

So thanks to some IRL stuff, a combo of work and school, I sort of took a break from Furc for a while. Now that all of that has settled down I'm looking to get some art for Jean-Paul again! I was going to renew my posting from the past but I couldn't find it as it was back in March so I'm sorry for that.

Anyway, I'm only looking for simple flat coloured things (and maybe portrait art but I'm not making a whole new thread for that. I'm lazy) at this time. I might be open to other things, to be honest I'm just read to celebrate being back with some shiny new pieces! If you messaged me a while ago don't hesitate to do it again even if I said no thanks before. My interests change so often it's stupid.

I would really like art for JP (his website is here) but I'm also up to getting art for my other characters;
Also Dacarius my actual RPing OC. His sort of "reference" is this picture. I never had a proper sheet made for him. If you have questions feel free to ask! I really sort of want art for him as much as I want art for JP because I've sort of redesigned him (mostly because I used to have the DUMBEST name for him.)
Sebulba. Yes from Star Trek. I'd like a port made for him. (But I don't want to make a whole new thread just for that.)
Surfer- I have no reference for him either. So if you're willing to work off text let me know.

I also have a bit of a weird request for those of you that can do humans.

A really good friend of mine that I hang out with on Furc and roleplay with regularly on other websites has a birthday coming up next month and I'd really like to get him something. This something though is more or less fanart though so if you're uncomfortable with that please don't offer.

I'm looking to spend about 45-60 (50 preferred) on a "couples" piece and I'm looking for a good sized, flat coloured, image. Nothing dirty or even romantic, just friends, and then I'm looking for a smaller ridiculous derp image as a companion with the same two characters but just acting silly. (This can even be in chibi/ect, actually I'd prefer it be that way.) We can talk more about poses and prices if you are interested but because I want something kind of specific you'd have to work with me on it please. But I'm also going to be paying more for this than for the art I'd like on JP so it'll be worth your time I promise.

Edited because my first attempt blew hard chunks.
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Easiest way to reach me? Whisper Jean-Paul, Surfer, or Stephen Merchant in game.


Offline Ridia

Prices listed in the journal <3

Offline Lizka

I do humans! Couples are a reduced price of two separate pictures. Flat-colored are the same price as binary too, incase you were wondering- and if you're interested.

Offline Elmazi

Examples: http://elmazi.deviantart.com/gallery/
Most of it is ports (majority CG). However, my character art is pretty much the same style just full body instead of portrait view/size.

w/o BG - $20
w/BG - $25
Additional character - +$10


Offline lu

i'm a digital painter for hire. examples and commission info can be seen in my deviantART.

PM me here or send me a note on DA if you are interested (: