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Author Topic: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries Closed!  (Read 5374 times)

Offline Farren

2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries Closed!
«: November 01, 2012, 10:33:53 AM»

And the winner of the raffle is....
I will be PM'ing you shortly in regards to the distribution of your winnings.

The raffle name drawing will be tomorrow at noon. If you wish to join me in my dream of Castle Capture, you may send a join to Farren Dustfur, or find us in AI. Visiting the dream is not mandatory to being entered, however.

Only the names in blue by 11:30 am FST tomorrow will be in the raffle.

The Portrait Collage so far: http://i46.tinypic.com/wc1d7o.png

Alright, first of all - Due to the problems we had with getting the names out, I am extending the deadline until January 5th, and the Raffle drawing will be on the 6th (or as near to it as I can manage, depending on what my work schedule is).

Now, here is the list of names - Those in blue are people I have received portraits from:

1. Farren/Ephemerality => 23. shiloh/Gregory

2. Lin/Creek => 4. Wyllo Taleweaver/Aspen Whisperwind

3. sarragh/Fredie => 11. Djali/Djali

4. Wyllo Taleweaver/Aspen Whisperwind => 18. Romantiik/Torrem

5. Donut/Donut => 3. sarragh/Fredie

6. Yor/Yor => 17. Outlands/Untame

7. samh/Liberius => 16. Prymus/The Axiom

8. Kira/Fate => 7. samh/Liberius

9. Discombobulation/HolyNight/Orion => 21. Dainilli / PGF/Dainilli

10. Archery/Death => 14. Pel/Naj

11. Djali/Djali => 1. Farren/Ephemerality

12. Depress/Depress => 15. derper/Franny

13. Meli/Never => 10. Archery/Death

14. Pel/Naj => 6. Yor/Yor

15. derper/Franny => 2. Lin/Creek

16. Prymus/The Axiom => 13. Meli/Never

17. Outlands/Untame => 24. Degu/Baldernock
18. Romantiik/Torrem => 5. Donut/Donut
19. Kaelie/Thistleberry => 12. Depress/Depress
20. Bronach/Bronach => 9. Discombobulation/HolyNight/Orion

21. Dainilli / PGF/Dainilli => 19. Kaelie/Thistleberry
22. Memories/Mushroom => 20. Bronach/Bronach
23. shiloh/Gregory => 8. Kira/Fate
24. Degu/Baldernock => 22. Memories/Mushroom

If your name isn't in blue, but you DID make your port, please make sure you've sent me a copy of the port.
If the person who made the port for your char is in blue, but you did not receive your port, please PM me.

Merry Christmas, all!

Everyone should have their names for who to make ports for at this time, sent to them in PM by AzothRei!
If you have not received the name to port, please PM me, and I'll see what I can do.

Entries are now closed! Thank you to all who entered, and even more thank yous to all who donated to the raffle!

The name drawing will be on the evening of monday the 3rd (soonest time both me and Azoth have coinciding time off, so sorry for the delay ): ), so look for the name of the person you get to port in your PMs around that time!

Please note: You are still able to donate prizes to the raffle if you wish to. I'll be accepting donations for it up until december 25th.


Almost forgot to post this today!

So here we go, starting up this special edition of the FAZ Secret Santa Portrait Exchange:

"For those who don't know, Secret Santa is basically when a bunch of people put their names in, and then names are drawn for each person. In real life, you'd get a gift for the person who's name was drawn for you. On FAZ, you'll make a portrait of their character."

What's so special about it this year? Well, this is the 5th year anniversary of it. So I've decided to do something special, in the hopes of inspiring more people to finish their entries in a timely manner.

This year's Secret Santa will include a prize raffle! Since I am the host, I will not be in the raffle, but anyone else (who finishes their ports on time) has a chance to win!
There will be one name drawn to win the entire pot of prizes. Right now this is what this 'pot' has in it:

Port Space (donated by Farren Dustfur)
Life Ottifet (donated by Archery)
PortSpace (donated by Pastor)

If you wish to donate a prize to the pot, just whisper me in-game or message me here, and we'll see what we can work out.
The due day for getting your name entered in the raffle is December 31st. This means you must have your entry done and sent to me by or on this day in order to be elligible.

Alright, now on to the part everyone really wants!



"Each portrait should be 95x95 pixels or it looks weird when the recipient tries to upload it. Most people will likely want remap, but be prepared for nonremap, as well. This is an art exchange. Please do not expect to get a port space to upload your portrait in from us or anyone who enters. Getting a space for the port you receive is your priority.

Only one entry is allowed per person. So choose the character you want ported wisely.

Artists of any level can participate, so don't be scared away from this if you think kindergartners draw better than you do (chances are you're wrong, anyways xP ).  It'll be much more interesting, in fact, if artists of all levels of creativity and style enter.

Only post if you are serious about this. Don't post if you don't think you can get your entry done by december 25th. However, if you enter thinking you'll have time, and it comes up that you won't, please send me a pm stating as much and I'll try to work something out with you. Also, please don't post just to get a free port, without expecting to have to make one yourself. That's not fair to the person who's name you get.

Put in your best effort. As it says in previous secret santa threads, 'don't half-ass it'. We expect the best work you can muster. If you want a good port, you should likewise make a good port.

Don't get mad if, when December 25th comes around, you get a port of lesser quality than you wanted! As stated, this is artists for all levels of talent, so enter expecting crayon scribbles so as not to get your expectations too high.

Also of note, since there seems to have been some confusion in previous years - You must send your finished port to me as well as it's recipient (but don't send it to it's intended recipient until december 25th!)

That's it for now as far as rules. However, they may change or be added to if I find it's needed."


November 1st: Entries open.
December 1st: Entries closed. (Please do not ask to be entered after this date.)
December 3rd: Names Drawn.
December 25th - 31st: Entries due.
January 1st: Raffle winner should be drawn on or near this day.


Entry Form

"You post here to enter, and you must have this in your post! Please, original characters only. It's fine if they're inspired from an existing character, but nobody wants to have to face copyright issues over the holidays."

Character Name: (What do you call yourself?)
Remap or Nonremap: (If remap, please provide a colorstring. A separate form will be provided below for Nonremap, and for those Remappable people who just want to say what remap color goes to what part of their character.)
Gender: (Male? Female? Hermaphrodite? It? Difficult to tell? Etc?)
Age: (Older than dirt? Young punk? Provide a numerical answer, please.)
Species: (Canine? Feline? Hippopotamus? Banana?)
Anthro or Ferian: (2 legs? 4? 6? ... 42??)
Traits: (Anything odd we should know about your character?)
Markings: (Stripes? Spots? Embarrassing Tattoos you got when you were drunk? Where on the body?)
Extras: (Jewelry, accessories, scars, wings, etc.)
Clothing: (What's your character wearing?)
Expression: (Do your character smile? Frown? Leer creepily?)
Likes: (What does your character like to do, eat, drink, etc? Anything your character is obsessed with in a good way?)
Dislikes: (What does your character hate to do, eat, drink, etc? Or doesn't like others doing?)
Where are you likely to see them: (where does your character like to hang out?)
Miscellaneous: (Anything not covered in the above, put here. Anything of particular note, or a short description maybe.)
References: (Please link to an image - or images - of the character or the character's species. Do not post the actual picture(s) here, as it takes those on slower connections much too long to load them all.)
Site: (If your character has a site, please poste it!)
Contact Information: (Where do you want the portrait sent? Or where can you be contacted for information?)
What is your 'Artist Alias': (What name do you usually work under, or go by?)
Personal Gallery Link: (If you have your own site, or a gallery on a site like dA, please post a link!)
Highest Rating: (How high of a rating will you want your port to have? Teen+? M+?)
Animation: (Do you want your port animated? Please note: Even if you say yes, the artist still has the choice not to animate it.)

(optional, for help with non-remap ports, or people who can't provide or don't trust colorstrings for some reason or another)



Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to PM me with any concerns you may have."


Here is this year's blacklist:
Storm Tundra

Due to these people NOT doing their entries last year, and not providing a good reason for not finishing them, they will not be allowed to enter this year's secret santa.

List of Entries

1. Farren/Ephemerality
2. Lin/Creek
3. sarragh/Fredie
4. Wyllo Taleweaver/Aspen Whisperwind
5. Donut/Donut
6. Yor/Yor
7. samh/Liberius
8. Kira/Fate
9. Discombobulation/HolyNight/Orion
10. Archery/Death
11. Djali/Djali
12. Depress/Depress
13. Meli/Never
14. Pel/Naj
15. derper/Franny
16. Prymus/The Axiom
17. Outlands/Untame
18. Romantiik/Torrem
19. Kaelie/Thistleberry
20. Bronach/Bronach
21. Dainilli / PGF/Dainilli
22. Memories/Mushroom
23. shiloh/Gregory
24. Degu/Baldernock

(The ones in blue are those who I've received finished ports from)
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Offline Farren

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #1: November 01, 2012, 11:09:39 AM»
Character Name: Ephemerality
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap, please.
Gender: Male
Age: Looks to be in his mid-late 30's.
Species: Nocticorn. Pretty much the fusing of a unicorn and a Nightmare.
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: He's a zombie. But not the shambling mindlessly kind. He's pretty smart and quick, actually.
Markings: None
Extras:  Brown leather gloves, red skull and crossbones scarf, fancy, well kept cutlass, a black tri-corn hat with a single-horned skull and crossbones on the front and trim, and an eyepatch with a small version of the same skull-and-crossbones on it.
Clothing: Black frock coat with red trim, over a red vest with black trim, which is over top of a dirty long-sleeved linen undershirt. Also, silky black pants, somewhat baggy, which are tucked into thick leather boots with a pattern of skulls and crossbones around the trim.
Expression: Usually a very confident grin or smile. The kind of expression you imagine a successful and happy pirate wearing.
Likes: He loves the pirate life. He'll rob about anyone, and until recently tended to target mostly other pirates. He loves life at sea on his ship, as well. Otherwise... he's a zombie, and while he doesn't partake in brains as much as other zombies, he does enjoy the occasional lump of good flesh and a tankard of Undeath, the zombie liquor.
Dislikes: He hates being enslaved or slavery. If he comes across a slave ship, they don't have a chance at all.
Where are you likely to see them: On his ship, a big galleon, not typical of a successful pirate, but being a zombie, he doesn't seem to care. It's a big wooden ship, the timbers aged to a greyish black. The sails and rigging upon first glance appear to be tattered and give it a haunting appearance. Otherwise, picture a 'golden age of pirates' type setting. Late 1600's to early 1700's.
Miscellaneous: He's an illusionist and can teleport short distances (like from one ship to another during a battle.) He cloaks his ship in an illusion of fog while a weather mage on his crew summons up a fine mist and stills the wind when he's creeping up on a prize. When he teleports to another ship, he uses the illusion of black shadowy fog to make it look like he coelesced out of the shadows rather than teleported.
References: http://mercyful-fate.deviantart.com/art/Ephemerality-Reference-212028434
Site: http://ephemerality.webs.com/
Contact Information: Email - [email protected], Furcadia - Farren Dustfur
What is your 'Artist Alias': Farren or A. Drake
Personal Gallery Link: http://Mercyful-Fate.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: I'd prefer no higher than T+, please
Animation: None required, but if the artist feels up to it, maybe animation with him on the deck of his ship with the wind blowing in his hair? Or doing some piratical deed.

Eyes: Red
Hair: 'Flame colored' - mixture of bright reds, oranges, and yellows.
Fur: Black, same texture as goat hair.
Markings: None.
Vest: Red with black trim
Cape: Frock coat, actually. Black with red trim and gold coins for buttons.
Trousers: Black, silky, baggy.
Bracers: Gloves, brown.
Boots: Tall, top flops down, black with white skull-and-crossbones pattern on the trim.
Badge: Eyepatch, black with a large single-horned skull-and-crossbones with smaller ones circling the trim.
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Offline Creek

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #2: November 01, 2012, 12:26:13 PM»
Even though I'm no longer apart of Furcadia, I could always chip in to this :>

Character Name: Creek
Remap or Nonremap: Non-remap
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Elf
Traits: Has a Barred owl Familiar, uses ice/earth magic.
Markings: Henna markings on her face
Extras: Silver Moon earrings, and a tattoo on her thigh.
Clothing: Long flowy dresses usually with some sort of Metal adornment. Robe is worn during snow.
Expression: Somber, calm, or meditating.
Likes: Owls, night time, magic, ritual, owls, crystals, her husband
Dislikes: Heat, crowds, cities
Where are you likely to see them: Either in snowy landscapes or forests during the dusk-dawn hours.
Miscellaneous: She does have a form where she gains pure black feathery wings and her eyes turn gold. But I haven't drawn that yet P;
References: http://s1292.photobucket.com/albums/b569/xCreekx/ (Some images show her with blue hair. She has platinum blonde or Black hair, NOT blue! She also doesn't wear red anymore nor black, so everything has to be white/light blue~)
Site: n/a atm
Contact Information: Here or [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Retrima or Creek
Personal Gallery Link: http://retrima.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Doesn't matter.
Animation: Nty~

Offline sarragh

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #3: November 01, 2012, 12:30:35 PM»
Character Name: Fredie
Remap or Nonremap: Non
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Species: Pig
Anthro or Ferian: bipedal
Traits: original gangsta fo sho
Extras:  factory farm tag on her left ear. ridge piercing
Clothing: ANY thug/stereotypical hood gear. Mostly sweatpants, big sneakers, apple bottom jeans etc. Think Nicki Minaj meets Lil Wayne meets Ciara meets LMFAO meets psy
Expression: it matters not.
Likes: dope shit.
Dislikes: haters.
Where are you likely to see them: street, skate park, walmart.
References: http://i48.tinypic.com/4l1v04.jpg
Contact Information: [email protected] or bagworm.deviantart.com
What is your 'Artist Alias': Bagworm
Personal Gallery Link: sarabresee.wix.com/sarab
Highest Rating: dont care
Animation: no thanks.
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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #4: November 01, 2012, 12:57:25 PM»
Character Name: Aspen Whisperwind
Remap or Nonremap: Remap preferred, colourstring: t-0,-0;;@;9#&$
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Species: Red Wolf
Anthro or Ferian: Digitigrade Anthro
Traits: Leader of a military group, trained in sword-and-shield combat
Markings: Spot over left eye and upper cheek, right ear, and neck/belly are light tan-grey
Extras: A sword and shield, obviously, though it's not necessary to show them.
Clothing: Leather armour painted with black and white stripes, and metal plates on the shield-side.
Expression: Generally a focused expression, listening and watching for anything out of place.
Likes: Music, capable fighters, a nice BLT.
Dislikes: Cheats and liars, archers, anything she's allergic to (common canine allergies, like grapes, some kinds of nuts, chocolate)
Where are you likely to see them: A battlefield or a sparring ring.
Miscellaneous: A lady wolf of noble bearing, clad head-to-toe in leather armour with metal plates riveted to the left arm, her shield side. Said shield was a large round bronze platter, decorated with a silver crescent moon and an upward-facing delta made of steel. She carried a honed sword in the other hand, ready for any fight.
References: http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b11/toasterpip/wolffamilyfemalearmour-1.jpg
Site: (If your character has a site, please poste it!)
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': toasterpip
Personal Gallery Link: http://toasterpip.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Teen at most, preferably.
Animation: If you want, go for it, but not necessary.

Offline Donut

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #5: November 01, 2012, 02:13:58 PM»

So fun!!

Character Name: Donut
Remap or Nonremap: Remap
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: Fat-Tailed Gecko Dragon
Anthro or Ferian: Either is fine.
Traits: Obsessed with pastries/sweets and baking!
Markings: Little multi colored spots on shoulders, tail, cheeks, and hips.
Extras: If wings are added, they are tiny.
Clothing: ( X )
Expression: Cheerful
Likes: She likes to bake.
Dislikes: X - Rated anything, Drugs.
Where are you likely to see them: In parks or the kitchen.
Miscellaneous: Plump! Not fat. She'd argue that till the days end, an argument filled with giggles, that is. Her body was covered in a layer of sherbert colored scales that were soft to the touch, unlike the usual tough protective scales you'd find on a dragon. A frenzy of tufted hair that formed some-what of a mane could not be held back by the bandana she had tied behind her ears. You'd never see her frowning, as she was always happy. More often than not carrying a bag of pastries in one hand, and a notebook in the other. She was her own personal baker, always creating and recreating goodies for herself and close friends.
References: http://s1310.beta.photobucket.com/user/DonutDragon/library/
Site: ( X )
Contact Information: Through PM here on FAZ.
What is your 'Artist Alias': Donut
Personal Gallery Link: ( X )
Highest Rating: PG
Animation: Sure, but not necessary. :)

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light Blonde -Not Yellow!-
Fur: Creme colored with a purple underbelly.
Markings: Pastel pinks, oranges, and yellows - speckled on shoulders,
top of tail, cheeks, and hips. Lightly smudged pastel purple/pink on tail tip and snout tip.
(If remap, I trust everyone to remap it just fine, I'm not picky. :) )
Vest: None
Cape: None
Trousers: None
Bracers: None
Boots: None
Badge: None
New owner of Donut! :)

Offline Hiccuped

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #6: November 01, 2012, 04:02:06 PM»
Character Name:  Yor

Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap

Gender: Male, but a bit effeminate

Age: Looks about 16/17

Species: Incubus

Anthro or Ferian: Anthro

Traits: Height- he isn't too tall. Doe eyes and a very expressive mouth and face.

Markings: No markings.

Extras: Horns, spaded tail.

Clothing: Red coat and capelet, furlined with a fur collar and sleeve ends, golden trim and clasp. Black trousers with white lace-up boots with a two inch heel. Underneath he has a grave vest and dark red dress shirt.

Expression: Cocky look, a lot. But sometimes rather innocent looking, or thoughtful. Eager/grin/big smile is also really common too.

Likes: Pillows! And or comfy beds and generally things that are really comfortable and warm, hence the super thick fur collar.

Dislikes: Solid food- gives him stomach aches. Hates the cold and being cold.

Miscellaneous: --

References: http://sinkros.wix.com/yor#!art

Site: http://sinkros.wix.com/yor

Contact Information: Either messaged on here, or whispered on Yor.

What is your 'Artist Alias': Yor. Haha

Personal Gallery Link: --

Highest Rating: Does not matter

Animation: No thank you.

Offline Zim

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #7: November 01, 2012, 05:52:21 PM»
I have last year's blacklist of people who never finished their entries if you'd like it, Farren.

Offline Spellplague

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #8: November 01, 2012, 06:45:34 PM»
Character Name: Liberius
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Species: Human, 100%
Anthro or Ferian: Humanoid
Markings: two blue tattoos on either cheek
Extras: 'FUG' branded onto his right inner wrist
Clothing: usually, scalemaille armor, a tabard, tunic, pants & boots
Expression: usually serious, although he does attempt to be light-hearted
Likes: storytelling, wood carving, bow-making
Dislikes: things that go bump in the night, most magic users, demons
Where are you likely to see them: Outside, either on horseback or on foot, usually within running range of Nasmara's village.
Miscellaneous: -
References: http://www.rprepository.com/images/gallery/gl-15946-1349459529.png
Site: http://www.rprepository.com/c/liberius
Contact Information: A medieval village, rather small
What is your 'Artist Alias': samholtom (DA), Decipere (furcadia), samh (faz/fam)
Personal Gallery Link: http://samholtom.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: M16+ if you want to get bloody.
Animation: Up to the artist

nonremap; see reference images linked
Black hair with dark brown streaks
Brown eyes
Tawny/mid-tanned skin
(faz/fam/da/rpr) spellplague

Offline Kira

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #9: November 02, 2012, 01:25:07 AM»
Character Name: Fate
Remap or Nonremap: Either. Non's prefered but if you're better at remap feel free
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 20ish
Species: Deity like thing
Anthro or Ferian: Humanoid
Traits: She commands an army of spherical flying poofballs called 'pooflings' and loves muffins
Markings: None
Extras: A pair of small goldish wings on her head and elfish pointed ears.
Clothing: Greek/roman inspired clothing usually. Can be dressed up in anything pretty, elegant or otherwise fashionable
Expression: Sometimes mischieveous grin other time content or 'no fucks given"
Likes: knitting, sewing, tapestry making, designing clothes, muffins, her minions, playing tricks and manipulating people
Dislikes: hates being defied, her pooflings being hurt
Where are you likely to see them: Some magical heaven looking place, a bake shop, someplace working on fabrics
Miscellaneous: N/A?
References:  http://demi.deviantart.com/art/O-HAI-DERE-273301079 http://fav.me/d4l0xcc http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp10/Zastrugi/Fate/8apXM.png
Site: None
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Demi
Personal Gallery Link:My DeviantartFA requires member loginArt Tumblr
Highest Rating: M+
Animation: Feel free

Hair, eyes and skin(fur), markings for headwings are pretty basic. Bracers for jewelry. Everything else can be played with and set to whatever clothing part


Eyes: Golden
Hair: White
Fur: skin
Markings: Head wings
Vest: clothing
Cape: clothing or accessories
Trousers: Any part of clothing or lower wear
Bracers: Jewelry
Boots: Footwear
Badge: Eyeshading

Just out of curiosity will there be a character art secret santa this year? I remember there being none last year :(
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Looking to commission me or just need to contact?
Deviantart: Demi Furaffinity: Demi Twitter: Demidraws Email: [email protected] I do not check PMs here

Offline Farren

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #10: November 02, 2012, 12:02:53 PM»
I have last year's blacklist of people who never finished their entries if you'd like it, Farren.

Yes please! That'd be awesome!
I thought I saved it somewhere on my comp, but no amount of searching is turning it up.
Was gonna PM you about it and kinda... forgot >_>

Offline Discombobulation

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #11: November 02, 2012, 01:39:14 PM»
Character Name: HolyNight aka icly Orion
Remap or Nonremap: None remap plz!
Gender: Male
Age: looks in Mid 30's But real age unknown
Species: Celestial
Anthro or Ferian: Digigrade legs, just two legs lol
Traits: His skin is like the night sky, full of stars and sometimes the odd shooting star cascades over him subtly.
Markings: Stars
Extras: Wings but with minimal webbing as he has lost the use of his wings for normal flight
Clothing: Naked
Expression: A gentle, understanding smile
Likes: Read, tea, cute little furry animals like kittens!
Dislikes: Licorice (Sp?), Fighting, coffee
Where are you likely to see them: Usually in a forest relaxing or in a tavern nursing a cup of tea :)
Miscellaneous: He's a sandman by trade!
References: http://furcart.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/&offset=96#/d38v7cy , http://orionholynight.webs.com/photos/Holy-Night-aka-Orion/orionclose.png , http://orionholynight.webs.com/photos/Holy-Night-aka-Orion/orion.png
Site: http://orionholynight.webs.com/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Delishdeviant
Personal Gallery Link: http://furcart.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/
Highest Rating: Any
Animation: I would love an animated one, maybe with the stars on his body flickering? :3

Offline Archery

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #12: November 04, 2012, 11:17:10 PM»
As promised, here I am! ;D
Thanks for reminding me about it!


(Remapping is not an option for Death due to her colors. Sorry!)



Elite Felidoxy


Her name is 'Death.'  Use your imagination!

Semi-intricate blue and teal markings. (See reference images)

Scars on her left side from bear claws. (Not currently on any ref)


*points up at the 'traits' portion*

Darkness, hunting, being an ass

Sunlight, buzzards


All of her reference images- most of them anyways- can be found HERE.

See above.

In-Game: Death, Rapidfire or Archery
DA: ArcheryFiend
Skype: ArcheryFiend


Main Gallery Link
Portrait-Specific Gallery Link

Preferably T+ and below.

If you want to try it, go for it!

  [Insert Cool Stuff Here] 

Offline Djali

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #13: November 09, 2012, 02:26:15 PM»
Character Name: Djali

Remap or Nonremap: no preference.  t0-$=%,;@4<#%š

Gender: Female

Age: Around 30

Species: Eurasian Lynx

Anthro or Ferian: Anthro

Markings: Stripe down each eye, darker colour from finger tips to elbow and toes to kneecaps, DROP DEAD across knuckles, spiderweb on right side of neck, diamond on left side of neck, four tiny hearts in hairline (upper right forehead), .13. on right bicep, .666. on left bicep, heart with a banner that says "heartbreaker" on top of left foot, tombstone with a banner that says "gravemaker" on top of right foot.

Extras: Cuts all over  body. Usually always has a black eye or two. Big plugs in ears with upside down cross-earrings looped thru, septum, cheeks, and collar bones pierced,

Clothing: Usually a black bandeau under a studded denim vest and short denim shorts with gun holsters around thighs. Otherwise seen in more casual "pin-up" attire.
Expression: Usually some sort of sarcastic smirk or sadistic "if only you knew" kinda look.

Likes: liquor, tattooing/tattoos, fighting, cigarettes, sarcasm

Dislikes: hangovers, magic, flamboyant types, being out of alcohol, not getting her way

Where are you likely to see them: a bar, tattoo shoppe, breaking into your house

Miscellaneous:  Stained red hair played home to a bandana tied atop head - fringe falling above painted brows with back pulled into a low bun. Exotic caramel markings waterfalled down from heterochromatic pools, traditional tattoos and piercings scattered over her body, gauges decorated with dangling jewelry threaded through. Denim jacket fell loosely over laced bra, corset trained waist exposed until their inevitable run in with over bearing hips, slapped with skin tight shorts. Criminal and sadistic ways struggled under a layer of insecurity, wrapped tight in a facade of perfection, and topped off with a barage of sarcastic turn downs.

References:  all references can be found on site (see link below)

Site: http://www.rprepository.com/c/djali

Contact Information: PM'ing me on here is probably best, or you can whisper me on Djali.

What is your 'Artist Alias': Djali or hoeseidon

Personal Gallery Link: hoeseidon.deviantart.com

Highest Rating: Doesn't matter

Animation: Not necessary but if the artist wants to, sure.

Offline Depress

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #14: November 12, 2012, 06:17:42 PM»
Character Name: Depress!
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap since they are typically easier to make. (:
Gender: Male, but is thin yet fluffy so it's somewhat hard to tell.
Age: Has no true age but seems to be 2 1/2 to 3 years
Species: Fox-Lynx-Ram mix!
Anthro or Ferian: Ferian (On four legs)
Traits: Has a large scar on his muzzle underneath his bandage. Ram horns that go behind his and aim towards the ground. Green lynx-type ear fluff
Markings: White nose/muzzle up until the bandage, white 'cry' effect underneath his eyes, and white ears. Light gray stomach, chest, and neck. Light gray paws and elbow fluff.
Extras: A cream-brown bandage
Expression: Usually is a frowny meanie like his name says, Depress but he is typically a calm fox
Likes: Snow, Rain/Fresh water, Rabbit meat, Bird meat, Bushes, Enclosed spaces, The color red
Dislikes: Salt water, Thunder, Lightening, Snakes, Toads/Frogs, Eels, The fact he's colorblind except for the color red (which is the ONLY color he can see), Nightmares
Where are you likely to see them: Rummaging around in the snow (Ooo! Would be wonderful considering it's close to Christmas!) or near a pond, lake, or river of some sort.
Miscellaneous: Like I said above, he is color blind so it wouldn't be too hard to find the right colors for a background if you wanted to only do greys and red for a background color and he have his normal colors.
Contact Information:
The port can be sent to [email protected]
I can be whispered on Belove, Volte, or Depress!
What is your 'Artist Alias': I would usually go under by Jessa/Jessalynn or Belove.
Personal Gallery Link: http://foxcatcher.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: Rating doesn't matter but I guess it would be hard to have a M+ on a fox! (:
Animation: If the artist wants to do animation, sure! But I am not asking them to do it. ^^;

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #15: November 19, 2012, 12:59:14 AM»
Character Name: Never
Remap or Nonremap: NonRemap
Gender: Female
Age: mid 20s
Species: Unicorn
Anthro or Ferian: Both. Changes forms. Either form can be drawn.
Traits: Her horn and hooves glow 24/7, and she can create precious jewels from her horn.
Markings: Spots, rainbow swirls on her front legs
Extras: N/A
Clothing: N/A
Expression: She's usually passive and calm, with a small smile.
Likes: Stargazing, night time, songbirds, beaches, meadows, the moon, the sky, rainbows, fruit, magic, peace / calmness
Dislikes: Hot weather, violence, predators, alcohol, man-made products, meat
Where are you likely to see them: In the wild, usually meadows or somewhere she can have a nice view of the sky.
Miscellaneous: N/A
References: http://i.imgur.com/gwBQr.jpg (anthro) http://i.imgur.com/JFv2o.png (feral)
Site: None yet
Contact Information: [email protected] , Meli or Wind on Furcadia
What is your 'Artist Alias': Meli or Topaz
Personal Gallery Link: http://msmeli.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: No thanks.
Gengar -

Offline derper

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #16: November 23, 2012, 04:08:00 PM»
Character Name: Franny
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: female
Age: 2 1/2 dog years
Species: canine border collie
Anthro or Ferian: feral
Traits: afraid of the dark
Markings: fghjk
Extras: can have glow in the dark stars stuck to her tail at times.
Clothing: no
Expression: usually looks grumpy because is near sighted but very bubbly character
Likes: likes things that glow in the dark, infinity signs, pizza, and video games
Dislikes: spiders, and clowns
Where are you likely to see them: Franny is usually in the Dog Pound (DP)
Miscellaneous: nope
References: http://mayeff.deviantart.com/#/d5lyxl4
Site: nope
Contact Information:port can be sent to derper on FAZ, mayeff on DA, or whispered to Franny on furcadia.
What is your 'Artist Alias': www.mayeff.deviantart.co m
Highest Rating: teen
Animation: nope
Colors: sdfghj
If you believe everything you read, you better not read this.

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #17: November 24, 2012, 01:54:11 PM»
Character Name: Untame
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Female
Age: 4 (feral)
Species: My own Species, Babylon Lion
Anthro or Ferian: Feral/Ferain - 4 Legs
Traits: My own species, please read the description as well as her references!
Markings: Stripes and snow leopard spots
Extras: Large fenec fox shaped thick ears, furry tail shaped and long like a lizard and horns.
Clothing: Feel free to put her in her chains, but that is not nessessary
Expression: She's feral so she cant show much expression, though try to add some...
Likes: She loves to hunt and to serve and protect
Dislikes: Untame has a phobia of fire
Where are you likely to see them: Within The Golden Tether a slaver dream, or by her masters side
References: http://www.rprepository.com/c/untame/37928
Site: http://www.rprepository.com/c/untame/37924
Contact Information:  Whisper me on Outlands or PM me here!
Personal Gallery Link: www.rabid-pingu.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Teen+
Animation: No thank you

(optional, for help with non-remap ports, or people who can't provide or don't trust colorstrings for some reason or another)
This is her default remap colours as a TYGARD

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Fur: Cloudy Grey
Markings: Cloudy Grey
Vest: White/Light Mule
Cape: White/Light Mule
Trousers: White/Light Mule
Bracers: Black
Boots: Dark Mule
Badge: Pure Gold

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #18: November 25, 2012, 09:50:51 AM»
Character Name: Torrem
Remap or Nonremap: Non remap
Gender: Male
Age: Urm... he doesn't really have one.
Species: Canine
Anthro or Ferian: Feral
Traits: He's an "old english gent" sort of character... but a wolf.
Markings: Easier to just look at the ref.
Extras: ALWAYS wears a top hat and monocle.
Clothing: See above.
Expression: Smug, and posh looking.
Likes: his top hat and monocle.
Dislikes: ... Nothing really.
Where are you likely to see them: an old english london street.
References: http://romantiik.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d5dggx2
Site: none
Contact Information: Note me on dA or PM here.
What is your 'Artist Alias': Romantiik
Personal Gallery Link: http://romantiik.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: I'd prefer E8, Teen at most.
Animation: Feel like it? go ahead. But I don't really mind.

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #19: November 26, 2012, 01:44:19 PM»
Character Name: Thistleberry
Remap or Nonremap: non-remap
Gender: female
Age: juvenile racoon
Species: racoon
Anthro or Ferian: ferian
Traits: loves sweets!
Markings: typical racoon markings, but with a main color of white and markings in lavender and periwinkle
Extras: anything cute! bows, scarves, mittens, hats, whatever :)
Clothing: besides accessories, no clothing
Expression: smiling or sleeping!
Likes: gardening, baked goods (but not baking!), warm places, shiny stuff
Dislikes: sharp things, darkness, damp
Where are you likely to see them: bakeries, tea parties, gardens, farms, forests, dens, social gatherings
Miscellaneous: nothing particular, has sky blue eyes
sample 1
sample 2
Site: no site, sorry
Contact Information: e-mail
What is your 'Artist Alias': Kaelie
Highest Rating: Teen+ or lower :)
Animation: preferrably no :)

Offline Bronach

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #20: November 28, 2012, 01:41:29 AM»
Character Name: Bronach
Remap or Nonremap: Either one, if remap the color string is t%8,(H11<;$#+_
Gender: Female
Age: 20something
Species: Phoenix
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: Cheerful, friendly, helpful
Markings: None
Extras: Silver scythe pendant, headband
Clothing: Any style of green top with a layered red skirt
Expression: Cheerful, approachable
Likes: Flowers, adventures, and butterflies
Where are you likely to see them: Anywhere outside
References: http://freewebs.com/bronach/phoenix.htm
Site: http://bronach.furocity.com/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Bronach
Personal Gallery Link: http://freewebs.com/bronach/ports.htm has a few more recent examples and might have a link to a new gallery later on
Highest Rating: E8+
Animation: If you are inspired to make one (:


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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #21: November 28, 2012, 05:53:50 AM»
Character Name: Dainilli
Remap or Nonremap: Either. t-0&=:&9888#(#
Gender: Female
Age: Juvenile
Species: Canine - New Guinea Singing Dog
Anthro or Ferian: Feral/Ferian
Traits: Can't stay awake for extended periods of time.
Extras: None
Clothing: None.  :( Dogs are too poor to buy clothes.
Expression: Unapproachable, somewhat intimidating yet not a snarl or a growl. More, something like a glare or a scowl.
Likes: Sleeping, flowers, areas with ambient lighting, open spaces.
Where are you likely to see them: Curled up, sleeping in a patch of grass with the sun beating down on them. I guess?
References: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/192/0/a/dainilli_ref_by_dainilli-d56tneg.png http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/308/2/1/daini_by_dainilli-d5jxdvz.png
Contact Information: Furc: Dainilli Skype: Dainilli DA: Dainilli E-mail: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Once again, Dainilli
Personal Gallery Link: http://dainilli.deviantart.com/gallery/
Highest Rating: Teen+
Animation: I'd love for it to be animated but I'm happy with whatever the artist decides to do c:

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #22: November 28, 2012, 01:39:33 PM»
Character Name: Mushroom
Remap or Nonremap: Non remap
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Thin Coat Felidoxy
Anthro or Ferian: Feral
Extras: Likes to be around Fungus
Clothing: None
Expression: Sweet, Smart, Kind, friendly.
Likes: on Site
Dislikes: on Site
Where are you likely to see them: Outside near water or inside a cave around mushrooms.
References: http://funnel-cake.deviantart.com/favourites/#/d5kkm9e
Site: http://arachnophobia-.wix.com/mushroom#
Contact Information: Pm me here or on Fam same name or Funnel-Cake on DA
What is your 'Artist Alias': Memories
Personal Gallery Link: http://Funnel-Cake.deviantart.com I'm not very good at human or anthro I can only do feral.
Highest Rating: I'd prefer E8, Teen at most.
Animation: I'd love some! But it's fine without it!!

<b>Main Contacts</b>

Offline anthony

Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #23: November 28, 2012, 07:06:28 PM»
it should be stated i'm not very good at muzzled characters or wings! ;o; and i have no idea how to draw non-humanoid animals asdffs

Character Name: Gregory
Remap or Nonremap: non!
Gender: male
Age: 21
Species: human!
Anthro or Ferian: huuuuman
Traits: insomniac, pessimist, cynical, protective over those he loves, fascinated by all things supernatural / paranormal, appears to have a constant "bluh" attitude
Markings: nope! just bags under his eyes (eye?), if that counts.
Extras: he's missing his left eye (our right). aaand he's got a little stubble
Clothing: he wears casual clothing. the only color he owns is dull: monochrome. lots of grays and blacks and a little bit of white here and there.
Expression: he usually appears indifferent to everything
Likes: he loves writing, cigarettes, flirting, the paranormal, romance novels, sleep
Dislikes: the dark, preachers, cheap wine, being unable to rest, being bossed around
Where are you likely to see them: probs just chillin at home, or, wherever he ends up dsgsfd he gets himself in some deep poop sometimes
Contact Information: i'm Gregory on furc. i can be contacted on my DA!
What is your 'Artist Alias': you can call me Shiloh
Personal Gallery Link: i have some really old stuff on my
Highest Rating: teen+
Animation: no thank you!

in game contact: vaun
art commissions

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Re: 2012 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries open!
«Reply #24: November 28, 2012, 08:25:29 PM»
Character Name: Baldernock
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Male
Age: Strong Youth
Species: Half-Dragon
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: The eyes are yellow with an acid green center.
Markings: Copper with a duller copper underside.
Extras: Definitely two tusky fangs sticking up from the bottom jaw.
Clothing: Nothing
Expression: Animalistic, threatening, sly, bored.
Likes: He likes basking in the sun, warm places, huddling for body heat, hunting, casual flying.
Dislikes: spend time around humans/civilization, being trapped, closed doors, dragon hunters, orcs, being cold and wet.
Where are you likely to see them: highlands, caves and mountains.
References: http://www.rprepository.com/site.php?char=12891   (The gallery is at the bottom.)
Site: see above
Contact Information: Link it to me here or on Deviant Art (I'm Deguu on deviant art, with two u's)
What is your 'Artist Alias': Degu
Personal Gallery Link: http://deguu.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: I don't mind either way. Animated ports are -awesome-