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Author Topic: Cute premade ports! 1-2 GD & Port Spaces too ~  (Read 617 times)

Offline Chuubo

Cute premade ports! 1-2 GD & Port Spaces too ~
«: November 15, 2012, 08:52:22 PM»
Hello! This is Chuu, and I am offering a few premade portraits. So far they've been me just fiddling with SAI on my laptop, but I'm about to start cracking down and work for real.

The ports at this time are all non-remap.
But I'll do more every day and soon I'll be good enough to try remaps.

all of these premades are for 2 GD or one port space:
big fat cat: http://puu.sh/1rJwf
big nude imp/elf: http://puu.sh/1tz6R
big panda plushie: http://puu.sh/1tz6p
big sprite: http://puu.sh/1tz5X
mermaid: http://puu.sh/1rJKq
hyena: http://puu.sh/1rJID
b&w panooki: http://puu.sh/1rJH5

all of these are for 1GD:

Please remember that if you buy one, to put Chuubo as the artist. c;
stealing is bad!

Pm me here, or whiser me in game as Chuubo. <3
Thank you!
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