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Author Topic: [OVER - Do not ninnyhammer] 5GD-7GD ports - accepting lifers or GD only  (Read 487 times)

Offline Dalek

not currently taking
not currently taking

Those of you who I've whispered or are waiting for their ports/currently in commission don't have to worry - I'll finish yours, of course.
This may be used again in the future.

whisper vinney and we'll work something out

stuff you want to know

  • i'm only taking 1-2 people at a time. if slots are full, I'll let you know and whisper you again when they clear up.
  • you /can/ reserve slots.
  • i don't do discounts.

5GD per port.
I don't take paypal.
If you offer a lifer worth 15GD according to DigoMarket, you get three ports. No discounts.

I'm mostly interested in the lifer sales.
I won't accept lifers over 15GD. Lifers that are like, worth 60GD is way too much for me and I'll likely lose interest and just quit your commission. Sorry. ):


these things are 7GD or 2 for lifer because they're generally harder to do. But they're pretty.

these are the pretty ones that everyone loves. 5GD or 3 for lifer no discounts.
i don't have any remap ports to show you as of yet - but they're not dreadful or anything. take a chance. also 5GD.

very important to know please know this

Sometimes I work really fast. And by that, I mean I have the ability to complete one of these within a few hours - depends how artsy I feel.
So, please, commission me when you actually have money on you or your lifer is  tradable/a few days until  tradable.

if you don't pay me within a month, i will release your commissioned port as free for use.
i've done it before. people really enjoyed using it.

these ports all belong to my characters and my friend's characters.
if i see them in use where they don't belong, i'll sick my army of gangster robots on you.
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