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Author Topic: $10/10GD Portraits (Anthro & Human)  (Read 672 times)

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$10/10GD Portraits (Anthro & Human)
«: November 19, 2012, 11:44:21 PM»

More of my work can be found in either of my dA accounts, SFW and NSFW respectively.

My prices and rules are as follows:

  • Payment will be taken through paypal. ([email protected])
  • Portraits both pixel and basic are $10 or 10 GDs.
  • Remaps are $15 or 15GDs as they take more time & effort to make.
  • I will only begin working once I have recieved payment.
  • Please do not pester me on the progress of your commission, I won't accept payment if I'm not ready to start!
  • Please do not edit my work.
  • I do not issue refunds.

I will need your...
Contact info: How can I contact you with updates?
Character: Who am I drawing? Please provide Art or description!
Type of portrait: Pixel or non-pixel? Remapped or non-remapped?
Desired background: If you don't specify, I'll decide.
Method of payment: Paypal or Dragon Scales only, please!

If anyone is interested in trading a Life Noble Feline up front, I am willing to make you four portraits. I am also willing to negotiate character art commissions, but you will have to PM me to discuss this option.

Slots Available
1. Open!
2. Open!
3. Open!
4. Open!
5. Open!

Everything is subject to change.
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Re: $10/10GD Portraits (Anthro & Human)
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