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Author Topic: ✿ [$10 PP] Suzy's Portraits! [Open! 4/1/15] ✿  (Read 3096 times)

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✿ [$10 PP] Suzy's Portraits! [Open! 4/1/15] ✿
«: November 20, 2012, 02:56:02 PM»
Edit: I unfortunately lost my job, so I'm opening up again! I am still a full time student, so please keep in mind that school work comes first. Thank you for your understanding!

Hello! My name is Suzy, and I would like to offer you my services! Furcadia ports are my absolute favorite commission projects, and I would love to create one for you!. I am a student, meaning my studies come before commissions, but I would be more than happy to work for you.

One non-remap, simply shaded port/icon is $10! My strengths include human and anthro characters. I am willing to do ferals as well. Generally, if a few references can be found for it, I can do it!

-$10 paypal

Not Accepting:
-Anything else

I also take character art commissions.

-Payment is taken after you approve the sketch. Have the money ready when you commission me. I will no longer be holding slots for people who are not ready to pay.

-You are allowed 2 sketch revisions and 2 small changes to the final portrait. Any extra or big changes will require a small fee, to be negotiated depending on the complexity of the change.

-I can work from a description, but I prefer visual references.

-I will try to keep in contact with you, but if you haven't heard from me in 1 week, you may ask for an update. I will try to let you know if anything IRL is preventing me from working on your commission. Please do not hassle me to complete your commission; I will try to be as efficient as possible, but I am not willing to sacrifice quality for a rushed job. School work WILL take priority over paid work.

-If you wish to cancel your commission after I have finished the sketch, you may receive a $6 refund. I will retain $4 as a fee for completing an approved sketch. This is to protect me from not being compensated for the time I devote to the sketch. You will also forfeit rights to that sketch, and I will have the right to resell the image. You may not receive a refund after I finish the portrait.

-You may not edit or otherwise alter any art I create without my permission. You may not sell the image to anyone else. You may not claim that you made any image I create. I retain the right to display your image as gallery content and/or for advertising purposes.

-These rules are subject to change.

Whisper Suzy, contact me at my art blog, or PM me here for more information or to claim a slot.


More slots can be reserved.

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Re: [$5] Suzy's Extra-Fabulous Portraits! [open]
«Reply #2: January 20, 2014, 09:14:11 PM»
i'm back in business! :)

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Re: ✿ [$5/$7] Suzy's Extra-Fabulous Portraits! [open] ✿
«Reply #3: April 04, 2014, 07:36:47 PM»
Commission Suzy, her ports are super cute! <3

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Re: ✿ [$7] Suzy's Portraits! [open, more pay options!] ✿
«Reply #4: June 25, 2014, 12:04:11 AM»

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Re: ✿ [$10 PP] Suzy's Portraits! [Open!] ✿
«Reply #5: October 04, 2014, 03:00:58 PM»
Open again!

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Re: ✿ [$10 PP] Suzy's Portraits! [Open! 4/1/15] ✿
«Reply #6: April 01, 2015, 05:35:04 PM»
aaaaaaand I'm open once more!