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Author Topic: Modern Patch Items  (Read 556 times)

Offline Noki

Modern Patch Items
«: November 28, 2012, 01:24:27 PM»
I'm looking for a patch artist to make modern items for an upcoming dream project Kuger will be working on for me. They will need to be able to work closely with both Kuger and myself.

The dream is "Furcadian Academy", a social group with the purpose of teaching Furcadia related skills to interested players. We'll be holding lessons and providing information on how to dreamweave/DS, patch/do portrait art, and write good stories/RP.

The dream itself is intended to look like a university, so modern indoor patches are what I'll be needing. My artist must be adaptable in skill.

This dream is TIME-SENSITIVE, I want to have it open in 3-6 months to be prepared for any new players the web client may attract. I want them to get the most of their new Furcadia experience. :)

I will pay your rates, whatever they are. Paypal or Dragonscales - or we can talk about another form of payment if you prefer. I'm very flexible and have no maximum budget.

Please contact me on Furcadia (Noki) or through email: [email protected] for fast results.