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Author Topic: *** WOLF AND OWL LADY FOR SALE *** PRICES ADDED!  (Read 924 times)

Offline theteathief

«: November 29, 2012, 02:59:49 PM»

Below are a list of designs that have no alts attached to them, though feel free to visit my alt thread and, if any catch your eye and you would like to bundle it with a design, we can make a deal.

I can be contacted either by PM or on Furcadia as Crayon.

Design #1 - Blue AngelCat - SOLD.

Design #2 - Feral three-legged wolf; submissive in appearance, soft, earthy tones. - 3$!

Comes with two pieces of reference art, the first by Kayla, the second by Surplus.  Used to be on my alt Dame.

Design #3 - Dreamy owl lady; shades of blue, white, and gold. - 20$

This one will be a little more expensive.  Multiple pieces of art, one portrait.

By Jeeves.

By ZulayaWolf on DA.

By Hugglekins on DA.

By Kiwi.

Ref image by ZulayaWolf on DA.

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