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Author Topic: Emergency portrait sales (remap and non- feral, anthro, human)  (Read 931 times)

Offline Laura

So my tablet finally broke. I'm being lent one here within the week so Im having sales in hopes to raise enough money for my new tablet. e.e

So if you're looking for some character art I've got some to offer!
I can draw ferals, anthros, dragons, humans, ponies, pokemon, digimon, etc. I'm willing to try my hand at most everything!

DA: http://sushi.deviantart.com
Art site: http://laura-art.weebly.com
Rules: http://laura-art.weebly.com/rules.html
Do's: Anything not listed in the section below
Don'ts: Alcohol references, drugs, smut/highly detailed nudity
Examples:  http://sushi.deviantart.com/gallery
Please contact me through DA note or whisper furcadia user Sushi ONLY.
DO NOT PM or respond to this thread!

GOAL: $65.00 / $320.00


•shinyrainbowthing - 2 shaded special
•AngieAnomalous - Desktop bundle



(you can mix and match between the three kinds of ports I offer)

    2 for $25 (you save $5)
    3 for $35(You save $10)
    5 for $60 (You save $15)

(If you have an sale OFFER, please lemme know via note. ie, you would like a special deal on +5 port deals.)


    1 for $25 (You save $5)
    2 for $50 (You save $10)
    3 for $75 (You save $15)

Non remap smooth:

Non remap pixel:

(old examples)

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