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Author Topic: Seeking Artist thats comfortable with Humanish chara's and adult+  (Read 411 times)

Offline Phuck

As the title says-- I'd simply like to have more work of my character in 'human' form done.  Chibi- colored sketch- full body shaded - adult+ pic --- is pretty much what I'm looking for

I'm obviously looking for quality/inexpensive meaning I'm not willing to spend (paying with paypal) 20+ dollars on one piece.  Bundles are awesome if I can pay one artist to do her in many poses- we can deal there.

About the chara: http://i50.tinypic.com/fdg21k.png

She is an eastern spirit dragon (going to be played in The Golden Tether (or if anyone has any other interesting places to put her inform me)) based off of chinese folklore-- one of the lake and sky.  Over all she a curious character, believing dragons are superior over most.  The lady holds a reserved mysterious nature that i'd like to see displayed in the artwork.

Feel free to comment below/ pm/ or whisper 'Nauti'
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