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Author Topic: Help Resizing Portraits  (Read 1620 times)

Offline Rex T-Rex

Help Resizing Portraits
«: December 13, 2012, 08:49:12 PM»
So I've been making portraits for a while now, but I've always done pixel remap drawn in the FOX editor at the appropraite 95x95 size.

Recently, i've been trying to get into non remap paitned portraits, and even using PSD to make lines for my remaps (I did it once with fairly recent results but I did the pixel outline on top of the original resized painted lines). The only thing is... I can't seem to get resizing to work any more... I don't know why. I think I solved my problems with just outlines, but I'm trying to resize an entire port now.

The original is drawn at 900 x 900 pixels. So I'd like some help in learning how to properly resize large digitally painted portraits so that They look as nice when they are big as they do when they get small (I know some details will be lost simply because of space, but I want them to look as nice as possible).

Any help is much appreciated!
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Offline Sync

Re: Help Resizing Portraits
«Reply #1: December 13, 2012, 09:02:27 PM»
you'll have to edit them when they get small for the most desired effect.

i think dolly is really good at resizing pictures for portraits but the portrait size is edited to make it look better. example: http://do-po.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5mzmeh

Offline alexandra

Re: Help Resizing Portraits
«Reply #2: December 14, 2012, 03:40:33 AM»
Try working smaller! I work at either 400x400 or 500x500. If this doesn't suit you, you'll probably have to crop for the sake of keeping detail. I use Windows 7 MS Paint to resize my drawings rather than in the programs I actually use to draw them in because the lines come out crisper/darker. I resized an old painting here for an example:

You might have to look hard to see the difference but I eyedropped parts of the picture to make sure they actually were different. Every program I've used otherwise have the same results as SAI in terms of the vanilla picture. Having sharper lines helps with the editing process which is what you will have to do to get your desired effect. Having sharper lines in general is what helps define the picture, and I would honestly just manually sharpen them if I didn't have MS Paint shortcuts haha. I hope this helped.

Offline Heimdall

Re: Help Resizing Portraits
«Reply #3: December 14, 2012, 11:45:22 AM»
As a follow-up to that, in Photoshop (and probably GIMP) you can set how to resize the image. How the image is altered when scaling is called interpolation. In Photoshop, choosing the "nearest neighbor" interpolation method won't smooth out your image at all, resulting in that nice, crisper look.

And Sync is right. Most ports are going to require special attention after you resize them to bring out pertinent details!

Offline keiroko

Re: Help Resizing Portraits
«Reply #4: February 10, 2013, 02:08:49 PM»
work small like 500x500 and you can take the image into  paint ctrl+w will allow you to resize by %  and at 19% you can get exactly 95 x95 without much resolution loss (if you have photoshop cs6 it has its own system for non resolution distortion when you resize and i would use that)
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