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Author Topic: Suzy's Reviews  (Read 670 times)

Offline Suzy

Suzy's Reviews
«: December 20, 2012, 02:44:45 AM»
People I Commissioned

David - He was an absolute pleasure to work with! My portrait was finished within a few hours of commission and was very good quality. No hassle involved. This particular style is best for simple head shots. I believe he does more detailed portraits as well for a bit more.

Pastor - Very good, if just a little bit slow. My pixel port was exactly what I wanted and she offered previews of sketches and such along the way. She seems to be a pretty busy person, so if you're looking for portrait art within a few hours you may want to inquire elsewhere. Her style is very versatile.

Marsh - It's actually been a really long time since I commissioned her, but when I did it was exactly what I asked for in a reasonable time frame. I have been following her art since and she has only gotten better! I may commission her again. She is especially talented when it comes to unusual species.

If I have commissioned you in the past and I have somehow forgotten to write a review, please let me know if you would like me to do so. :>

People Who Commissioned Me:

Sync (Sana) - She gave me a very challenging subject! I spent a little more time on her portrait than can really be justified for what I charged, but I had fun with it so I don't mind. She responded quickly to progress shots I provided and payment went quite smoothly. No complaints here!

Damadar - Nothing in particular to say, but it was generally a very good experience (even though I personally feel he got the raw end of the deal!)
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