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Author Topic: DESPERATE NEED OF ARTISTS  (Read 533 times)

Offline Settie

«: December 20, 2012, 03:46:43 AM»
Email - [email protected]
Furcadia - Gaea
Deviantart - Goddess-Gaea
FurAffinity - Settiesama


I'm looking for ALOT of workers. I cannot weave, pixel or DS to save my life, so I'm willing to pay top-notch for this to be done for me.

The work that needs to be done will be housed on the FurN map, so please, only mature people who are willing to draw nudity apply (Mature as in, not a 12 year old who will giggle at a nipple)

Now, when I say alot, I mean ALOT. I need portraits, custom patches, map weaver and DS writer. 

Please, leave examples, or whisper me some of your work/invite me to dreams you've designed. I would like work to begin soon.