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Author Topic: Seeking -- Ports for characters!  (Read 316 times)

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Seeking -- Ports for characters!
«: December 29, 2012, 05:31:40 PM»
Yeeeah, looking for two portraits for two characters! Both will be non-remap!

Now to the characters!

Here's Experiment, my new child.

It's unclear as to what he is, but he looks human! As you can see from his expression, he could give a rat's patootie about anything.

I'm looking for someone who is rather good with humans and can capture that expression. Also, a cigarette and the glow to his eyes are a must!

Next up is Striptease, another new baby. (please ignore the different name in the url, this design was going to be on a different alt, but last minute didn't!)

She is kind of an in-your-face girl, and smarmy. Though she does know how to be a lady. And as you can see, she's an anthro cat. A tortoiseshell x English Long Hair, that was born in England.

Now, I have two ways I can pay. One port will be payed with GD and I have up to 20 GD that I can possibly spend on it. And the other port will be paid with Paypal; my budget to spend is $15-$20.

Just post prices and examples below!~ C:
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