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Author Topic: Looking for these designs...  (Read 613 times)

Offline Kels

Looking for these designs...
«: December 29, 2012, 10:56:03 PM»
Two of my olds had designs I loved and now i'm on the search where they are xD

Uhm the first up is Kovi. I found the alt Kovi. But it now has a different design they claim the design was not on it when they got the alt.... So now my mission is to find the design I had came up with xD

Uhm I orignally created the deasign, and had ported the alt Kovi about 5 times with the ports.


It also had a few ports and maybe one or two other pieces of art. xD

Next up! is Tolerance. Last I knew he was still an alt... and ported and the such. xD

Uhm he had a few loaded ports. and the orginal design was by Kayla...

Uhm here is an example of his design,


If you know where either are could you let me know? :D

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