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Author Topic: Ragtimetunes review  (Read 790 times)

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Ragtimetunes review
«: December 31, 2012, 05:37:28 PM»
i post here because the artist in question hasn't refused a refund nor refused to continue my commission, but i've been waiting for an incredibly long time and see the need to inform others.

early july, july 6th/7th, i commission Ragtimetunes for a pixel landscape with my character for 30 dollars. after axelle received my information, i sent the 30 dollars through paypal and received a sketch the next day. i was satisfied with it and told them to keep working on it.

i don't bother them for months, unaware of how long these pixel paintings are meant to take.

early september i notice they are taking more commissions, while i haven't seen any more progress past the sketch. later in the month, they are completing these commissions. i message them october 1st wondering what is going on with my commissioner. they told me their computer had died, although they were original 75% done, and needed the sketch again to start coloring. i sent them the sketch they sent me in july and waited longer. i was offered a compensation character piece, but i wanted this large piece to be completed instead, so i did not take it.

november 17th, i still have seen no more progress nor heard anymore from axelle. i message them asking for progress because i've heard nothing. they tell me they lost all the progress from their computer crash (presumably, the same one from october, though i'm not sure) and had colored sketches and a small portion of the tress done. i wasn't really satisfied due to the time that has passed, but accepted the progress and proceeded to wait longer.

december 7th, heartache posts their review here: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?topic=18193.0 stating that they bought a piece from ragtime october 1st, already paid, and haven't seen their piece. i message ragtime, concerned about my art piece. they tell me after they clear things up with that commissioner, my piece will be worked on. heartache's piece was completed, and i told them i wanted my art piece by the end of the month, or i would post here. they agreed.

december 28th, ragtime posts a journal stating that my piece is almost done, though can't be completed by the end of the month. i ask them for progress, and the piece still has a lot of work to be done (about half the picture still needs to be pixeled and my character has been adjusted but coloring hasn't started). i have not received any progress today, so i'm posting here.

the progress looks good, but i am very tired of waiting. they have been responsive throughout the process, but i believe six months is more than enough time for this piece to be completed. i want a refund, or i want my character piece (i'd greatly prefer my artwork, but how long it would be until i received it i have no idea).


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Re: Ragtimetunes review
«Reply #1: February 02, 2013, 05:50:17 AM»
This one is a toughie. Beautiful artwork, but a very agitating wait and runaround. Best of luck from someone who's been there.

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Re: Ragtimetunes review
«Reply #2: February 02, 2013, 12:39:23 PM»
This one is a toughie. Beautiful artwork, but a very agitating wait and runaround. Best of luck from someone who's been there.
thanks, i complete agree,

i would like to update that yesterday i messaged him simply asking for whatever was faster; a refund or the art, because however much i like the progress, 7 months is quite long enough for this commission in my opinion (and one month after the agreed deadline). they did not show me progress but told me that only my character needed to be completed. i gave them my updated references, and hopefully i will be able to follow up on this with better news.

EDIT march 1st: ragtime has not contacted me again and has gone inactive on deviantart. i messaged them again asking them for a refund at this point, but if anyone has an alternate contact info on ragtime, it'd be great if you could share it with me. at this point i just want this transaction settled in some way and under the rug.
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